Mavrick Fisher charged with first-degree murder

[Transcript] Mavrick Fisher is now in custody at the San Diego Central Jail and is charged with first-degree murder.

According to online records, Mavrick was arrested by Immigration/Customs authorities and was booked Monday night just after 9 p.m.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department told “The Daily Moth” that the arrest is based on a warrant from Lake County Sheriff’s Office, who announced in a news release on Monday that Mavrick was detained in Mexico after he confessed to killing Grant Whitaker at a campground in Humboldt County. Human remains that is believed to belong to Grant was found in Lake County.

Lt. Corey Paulich, who is the public information officer for Lake County Sheriff’s Office, told “The Daily Moth” that they are currently working on getting Mavrick transported to Lake County and will know more tomorrow.

Paulich said Mavrick should face a judge in Lake County. The exact date will be set after he is booked in Lake County’s jail.

Online records from the San Diego jail say that Mavrick is not eligible for release and has no bail set.

In California, a conviction for first-degree murder carries a sentence of 25 years to life.

Pam Embry Thierry, who is the grandmother of Grant Whitaker, said they are thankful for the support they have received from the deaf community and said the family would not have known what happened to Grant if not for a few brave souls who came forward with what they knew, so she could go to the police.

Theirry said the family is grieving but that she is sure Mavrick’s family is grieving too. She said the family forgives Mavrick because those would be Grant’s first words to us if he could speak.

Thierry said Grant was planning to leave Mavrick to either go to work on a farm in Illinois or in Sacramento and that he felt Mavrick did not have the same vision as he had on forming a deaf farming community.

Shelby Viguier, who is Grant’s cousin, posted on her Facebook wall a tribute to Grant and gave “The Daily Moth” permission for me to share it.

Shelby said Grant is the reason why she learned sign language and that when she was pregnant, she told Grant that the child’s first language would be American Sign Language. She said she sent Grant a picture of her baby signing the “ILY” handshape last Tuesday morning, but that Grant never saw the message and never met her baby girl.

She said she is struggling with it, but will honor Grant by fulfilling her promise (to teach her ASL). She said, “May justice be served and you (Grant) rest in peace.”

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