Update on Grant Whitaker case: cause of death confirmed by autopsy

[TRANSCRIPT] Here are several updates on the Mavrick Fisher murder case.

The first — the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said they have completed an autopsy of the human remains that is believed to belong to Grant Whitaker. The cause of death has been determined to be blunt force trauma to the head.

This means that Grant died from something that hit his head. This would align with a Moth report on Monday that showed conversations between Mavrick and two individuals in which he said he smashed a rock on Grant’s head. The sheriff’s office did not mention what weapon they suspect was used. They said the investigation in the circumstances related to Grant’s death are continuing.

According to Lake County online records, Mavrick has been booked in the Lake County jail today in the early afternoon. The transfer from San Diego jail has been completed. He is charged with first-degree murder on a probable cause warrant, which means authorities have enough information to suspect him of committing murder.

Mavrick’s next court date is August 30, which is on Friday. It is not clear if he will have a public defender assigned to him.

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