LIVE: Mavrick Fisher in custody in Mexico for suspected murder of Grant Whitaker

Lake County Sheriff's Office Report:

(Transcript/Summary) Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth. I’m going LIVE to talk about a big news story in our Deaf community about two people who are well-known. The first is Mavrick Fisher. That’s his last name. I saw somewhere else that it was Martin. It’s Fisher. And the other man, who is deceased, Grant Whitaker. Both of them were seen in several vlogs on Mavrick’s page in July. The two were business partners and wanted to start a farm, establish a community of sorts. Mav wanted to do this several times in the past, to start a deaf community. The two seemed to be forming a partnership but it’s finished. It started last weekend when Grant’s grandmother, Pam Embry Thierry, said that someone told her that Grant was in some kind of altercation where Mav assaulted him, took his phone, wallet, and vehicle. There are some people close to Grant who said they haven’t heard from him in a while. I’ve been working on this story all day and there’s just no verification of some of the allegations, so it was difficult to get a handle on it. But about 40 minutes ago, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office posted a news release. I'll sign what it said. It says that Grant was reported missing on August 24, which is on Saturday. His car was stolen and left behind at a Dollar store. Police found the car, impounded it, and then Grant’s family got information that he was in a fight with Mavrick. The fight was in a campground in Humboldt County, in northern California. Then in the evening of August 25, which is Sunday night, the sheriff got more information that Maverick Fisher had confessed to murdering Whitaker. The sheriff said that he confessed. Then in that confession, Mavrick gave information on exactly where to find Grant’s body. Now I’m going to go back to my investigation. I was in touch with Grant’s grandmother Pam. She said that Grant is dead, but his body was not found. So it was hard for me to release this news if the body was not found. Now, the sheriff said by a road, the remains of Grant was found. Exactly what was a found is not clear, but it was human remains. Now the sheriff mentioned Mexico. Someone sent me messages and a video of Mavrick walking on a street filming himself saying, “i’m in Mexico” I don’t want to go to prison, I ‘d rather die, I only have $300. I’m walking to South America." It appeared that he escaped to Mexico, but there was no way to confirm if the video was from another time in the past or after the incident . But now the sheriff said Mavrick was found in Rosarito Mexico, and that the Mexican authorities had contact with the sheriff. It is not known how Mav approached the Mexican authorities but it says that Mav may be wanted for murder. He is in custody. I don’t see the word, extradition, but I see that he is in custody. The typical process for what comes next is extradition to face justice. I’ll add a link to the press release. It’s gone viral, the sheriff’s post.

So, this is a major incident. (Repeats some of the talking points above).

It’s a very sad ending for Grant. I can see that many of his friends made Facebook posts that expressed grief. It’s also sad for Mav, who is infamous in our deaf community. He had big dreams of establishing a community, he was a traveler, he was funny, intelligent, yes there was criticism towards him, but to think he could be capable of murder, this is shocking. As for the motive, why it happened, that is now the investigation. But we have confirmation that there was a crime, that there is a death, and that Mavrick is the suspect and confessed to the murder, and is in Mexico.

I see in the comments the many of you are shocked. Yes, nobody saw this coming. That it would end in a murder. There is a lot more to the story, but Grant’s side will be missing as he was murdered. What will be found in his car? What will Mav say? The facts say that Grant is dead and Mav is the suspect and was found in Mexico.

This will be a big news story in Lake County. I reached out to several sherif’s offices but got no confirmation that there was a case or an investigation. It was a bit frustrating for me. But now with Lake County Sheriff’s news release, it’s a confirmation. Big news in Humboldt. The county has a reputation for murders, yes, but not in our deaf community. It just doesn’t happen often.

(repeats details of police report). There was a police report in Illinois where Grant’s family is from. I got this information from “The Deaf Report” and confirmed it with the Illinois authorities. But there was nothing from California until this.

That’s all for this video. I’ll share updates later as I get them. It’s a shocking conclusion for our community. Grant seemed like a gentle soul, and he ’s gone. Mavrick was admired by many and nobody saw this coming. Okay that's all for now. Bye.

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