Updates on apparent murder of Grant Whitaker

TRANSCRIPT: I have several updates on the apparent death of Grant Whitaker and the arrest of Mavrick Fisher in Mexico on suspicion of murder.

I was in touch with two anonymous individuals who communicated with Mavrick shortly before he was detained in Mexico.

I will show you some screenshots or provide a summary of the conversations, but I must warn you that they are extremely disturbing and graphic.

The first individual said Mavrick confessed to him on Sunday that he killed Grant. Mavrick said that the two had some kind of falling out after a trip together to Elko, Nevada.

Mavrick told the individual that Grant was a “demon,” that he felt threatened by him, so he picked up a rock and smashed Grant’s skull with it.

The use of a rock as a murder weapon matches with a Facebook inbox conversation between the second individual and Mavrick, who used his alternate Facebook account “Zaden Blujay.”

Individual 2: Did you kill Grant?

Zaden: But I used rock to punch his head, and I crack his skull. His brain splatter all over floor. He died. So Yeah I did kill grant.

Individual 2: Where you at right now

Zaden: Guess lol

Individual 2: Mexico?

Zaden: Right on! LOL (Image of Mavrick smiling in front of a sign that reads, “Mexico.”

The first individual said he told Mavrick to turn himself in and immediately reached out to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Both individuals said Mavrick told them that after he killed Grant, he decided to put his body in his sleeping bag, placed it in his vehicle, and then left it there for several days. He said that the stench was unbearable and that his body was decomposing.

Individual 2: What happen what you do with his body after you smashed his head?

Zaden: I just zipped up his body inside sleeping bag. And put in car. I’m warning you… Dead body STINKS!!! Worst smell I ever did smell in all my life. I left the body in car for 3 days. Then his skin become yellow and green with a lot of worms.

Individual 2: Oh man, police will find out your hand print and a lot of evidence.

Zaden: Yep

There is one part of the story that is different in both individuals’s accounts — the first said Mavrick said he attacked Grant without provocation, but Mavrick told the second individual that Grant tried to stab him.

Individual 2: That grant try to kill you??

Zaden: Yeah he did try to kill me. With kitchen knife. He’s a fucking psychopath.

We know that there is a video that is circulating on deaf social media of Mavrick walking and talking in a phone saying that he was in Mexico and would rather die than to go to jail. This was apparently filmed on Sunday evening.

(Video) Mavrick: “I will die soon anyway. I’d rather die than go to jail. Fuck that.”

The first individual said that today (Monday) morning, Mavrick messaged him saying he decided he will turn himself in, but wanted to enjoy a few days in Mexico before going to jail.

After a few hours, the first individual said he received voice messages from Mavrick’s accounts, then text messages, and then realized that it was Mexican police asking if he was lost. The individual told the Mexican police that Mavrick needed to be arrested and that he was a dangerous person. The Mexican police then sent him images of Mavrick being detained.

The second individual also received the same messages from Mexican police. Here is a screenshot.

(Image of Mavrick leaning against a white pickup truck)

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said Grant’s vehicle was found near a Dollar General store in Clearlake Oaks and that what they believe is Grant’s body was found at the 7500 block of Scotts Valley Road.

According to Google Maps, it is a drive of more than 27 miles, about a 37 minute drive.

(Image of a Google Maps route showing a 37 minute drive with 27.1 miles total from 7500 Scotts Valley Road to Dollar General in Clearlake). An alternate route shows 42 minutes with 30.6 miles.)

The Press Democrat reported that an autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday to positively identify the remains and determine the cause of death. Mavrick will be deported and is likely to be booked in San Diego, then transported to Lake County.

First-degree murder in California has a sentence of 25 years to life, while second-degree murder has a sentence of 15 years to life. A first-degree murder is done in a way that is willful, deliberate, and premeditated. A second-degree murder is when a person kills in self-defense, or suffered from insanity, or accidentally killed a person.

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