Gallaudet sponsors The Daily Moth in 2019


Gallaudet University will continue their sponsorship of “The Daily Moth” this year. 

I am very grateful for their belief and support of the mission to deliver news in sign language. 

I was born just outside of Washington. D.C. in Maryland and went to Kendall Demonstration Elementary school up to the third grade before I moved to Florida. 

I’ve always looked at Gallaudet as a “city-world” that was made just for Deaf people, as an evidence of Deaf people’s existence, language, and culture. 

Last Monday it was Gallaudet’s 155th year anniversary of Abraham Lincoln signing a charter that established the university and authorized it to grant degrees. 

One of the strongest influences on Moth is Gallaudet’s National Academic Bowl tournament for Deaf and hard of hearing high school students. 

One of their categories for the questions is “Current Events.” When I was on the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind team, I read newspapers daily to prepare. That’s how I became addicted to news. 

And I’m happy to be a part of the Academic Bowl tournaments by covering it last weekend and the competitions the past two years.

Thank you, Gallaudet, for your support, and I am looking forward to delivering news this year!