The Daily Moth powered by Convo in 2019


Ever since high school, I’ve loved reading news.

I’ve always had a vision of ASL news, information in our language. 

As time went on, I decided not to wait but to go ahead and do it myself. 

If they don’t give you a stage, go ahead and build one yourself. 

In 2014, I did a setup at my home, at the kitchen table. It was very simple with a blue background. 

[Video clips of 2014 Moth news]

It was good, but I realized you can’t do two jobs, to hold a regular job and also sign news. Signing news is a full-time job. 

Later, I had various jobs but was laid off. Some told me, “Go ahead and start ‘The Daily Moth.’ You can do it!” Some believed in me. So I believed in myself and in the vision of delivering news. 

In August 2015, I brought it back again with a table setup.
[Video clips of 2015 Moth news] 

Over time, you, the community showed that you truly wanted to see news in sign language. You contributed to a GoFundMe to support “The Daily Moth.” 

[Video clip of 2016 GoFundMe video] I’m asking you to join and partner. More inspiration will go out. With more collaboration, we can change the world!

With your support, “The Daily Moth” continued through 2016. When I looked into the future with a bigger vision, I knew it required the support of another businesses and organizations. 

I thought of Convo. They are a Deaf-owned, Deaf-led team that has grown from the support of the Deaf community. They also give back to the Deaf community in an ecosystem. 

“The Daily Moth” had the same values and vision. So I reached out to Convo and after talks, they said, “Yes!” They went with the sponsorship that started in 2017. 

[Video clip of 2017 studio] 

Alex: Hello! Welcome to the new “The Daily Moth” studio provided by Convo! 

Wayne: We at Convo are thrilled we can come in, partner, and support this. 

[Video clips of 2017 Moth news]

Alex: Convo gave sponsorship in 2017, 2018, and I’m thrilled to announce it will continue through 2019 into 2020. 

I’m truly grateful to Convo for their belief and support of “The Daily Moth”s mission of broadcasting news in sign language. 

It’s now a new year, which means we’ve got to have a new look. I’ve worked with Convo’s creative and marketing team.

[Video clip of Convo creative team working on new designs]

It’s 2019. We have a different color here with light placements. 

But we’ve got the same camera there. A different look here. 

One change — if it is “Deaf News,” there will be a blue color. 

Another change is burned-in subtitles. This is so the video posts across social media will be captioned. We’ll keep the transcripts and the English articles on the website. 

And… one more thing. A second camera! You know Deaf Bing to chat and look in different directions. It’s the same way here. The second camera will have different applications and purposes. You’ll see! 

Nice! It’s not only this, but there is a new website. 

[Graphic showing new website look] 

We’ll also have a new eBlast look. 

[Graphic showing new design] 

Wow, looking back to 2014, when I sat on that kitchen table signing news, trying my best, and we’ve come here to 2019. Many things have changed, but the mission is the same — for “The Daily Moth” to deliver news in sign language to the Deaf community. 

Now, in 2019, my goal is the same, but we’ll put an emphasis on Deaf News, original Deaf stories, and international Deaf news. That’s our commitment this year. Thank you so much for your support.

Stay with the light! 

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