The Daily Moth 4-17-19 (Full Show)

The Daily Moth powered by Convo in 2019; Armed and dangerous female who caused Denver school closures is dead; Peru Ex-President kills self; 60 Medical professionals charged in opioids bust; Apple and Qualcomm settle; Man throws kid off 3rd floor at Mall of America; Over $1 million raised for Louisiana church fires; Gallaudet sponsors The Daily Moth in 2019

Hello, welcome to the Daily Moth! It is Wednesday, April 17. New look, right? I’ll explain!


01 The Daily Moth powered by Convo in 2019

Ever since high school, I’ve loved reading news.

I’ve always had a vision of ASL news, information in our language.

As time went on, I decided not to wait but to go ahead and do it myself.

If they don’t give you a stage, go ahead and build one yourself.

In 2014, I did a setup at my home, at the kitchen table. It was very simple with a blue background.

[Video clips of 2014 Moth news]

It was good, but I realized you can’t do two jobs, to hold a regular job and also sign news. Signing news is a full-time job.

Later, I had various jobs but was laid off. Some told me, “Go ahead and start ‘The Daily Moth.’ You can do it!” Some believed in me. So I believed in myself and in the vision of delivering news.

In August 2015, I brought it back again with a table setup.

[Video clips of 2015 Moth news]

Over time, you, the community showed that you truly wanted to see news in sign language. You contributed to a GoFundMe to support “The Daily Moth.”

[Video clip of 2016 GoFundMe video] I’m asking you to join and partner. More inspiration will go out. With more collaboration, we can change the world!

With your support, “The Daily Moth” continued through 2016. When I looked into the future with a bigger vision, I knew it required the support of another businesses and organizations.

I thought of Convo. They are a Deaf-owned, Deaf-led team that has grown from the support of the Deaf community. They also give back to the Deaf community in an ecosystem.

“The Daily Moth” had the same values and vision. So I reached out to Convo and after talks, they said, “Yes!” They went with the sponsorship that started in 2017.

[Video clip of 2017 studio]

Alex: Hello! Welcome to the new “The Daily Moth” studio provided by Convo!

Wayne: We at Convo are thrilled we can come in, partner, and support this.

[Video clips of 2017 Moth news]

Alex: Convo gave sponsorship in 2017, 2018, and I’m thrilled to announce it will continue through 2019 into 2020.

I’m truly grateful to Convo for their belief and support of “The Daily Moth”s mission of broadcasting news in sign language.

It’s now a new year, which means we’ve got to have a new look. I’ve worked with Convo’s creative and marketing team.

[Video clip of Convo creative team working on new designs]

It’s 2019. We have a different color here with light placements.

But we’ve got the same camera there. A different look here.

One change — if it is “Deaf News,” there will be a blue color.

Another change is burned-in subtitles. This is so the video posts across social media will be captioned. We’ll keep the transcripts and the English articles on the website.

And… one more thing. A second camera! You know Deaf Bing to chat and look in different directions. It’s the same way here. The second camera will have different applications and purposes. You’ll see!

Nice! It’s not only this, but there is a new website.

[Graphic showing new website look]

We’ll also have a new eBlast look.

[Graphic showing new design]

Wow, looking back to 2014, when I sat on that kitchen table signing news, trying my best, and we’ve come here to 2019. Many things have changed, but the mission is the same — for “The Daily Moth” to deliver news in sign language to the Deaf community.

Now, in 2019, my goal is the same, but we’ll put an emphasis on Deaf News, original Deaf stories, and international Deaf news. That’s our commitment this year. Thank you so much for your support.

Stay with the light!


02 Armed and dangerous female who caused Denver school closures is dead

This morning, in Denver, Colorado, there was a massive manhunt for an armed woman, Sol Pais (18), that ended when they found her dead after she shot herself.

Almost 150 school districts and schools closed because of this threat. The Rocky Mountain Deaf School was affected, they closed today and told all employees to stay home.

The FBI said Pais flew from Miami to Denver on Monday and immediately bought a pump action shotgun with ammunition and made general, non-specific threats.

The FBI thought it was credible enough to start the manhunt.

They also say that Pais had a history of being obsessed about the infamous shooting there in 1999 where two male students killed 13 people in Columbine before killing themselves. This infatuation caused concern.

The 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting is this Saturday.


03 News Briefs: Peru Ex-President kills self; 60 Medical professionals charged in opioids bust; Apple and Qualcomm settle

Here are three news briefs.

The first - this morning, former Peruvian President, Alan Garcia (69), died at a hospital after he shot himself.

Garcia was accused of accepting bribes from a Brazilian construction company, Odebrecht. Garcia had denied accepting bribes and tweeted that there was no evidence.

When police arrived at his home to arrest him, Garcia asked if he could call his attorney then went into his bedroom, locked the door and shot himself in the head.

The second news - today, the Justice Department announced that they are charging 60 medical professionals from at least five states for illegally prescribing opioids for about 28,000 patients.

A strike force with more than 300 investigators found that some doctors acted like drug dealers by trading sex and/or cash for drugs, giving prescriptions without proper medical exams or even pulling their teeth to create a medical reason for the prescriptions.

The third news - today, in San Diego, Apple and Qualcomm have reached a settlement to drop all their lawsuits worldwide. Apple will start buying Qualcomm chips again.

The issue was that Qualcomm wanted Apple to pay licensing fees, royalties, to use their patented modem chips which allows iPhones and computers to connect to cellular networks.

Apple thought Qualcomm was overcharging their fees and that they had too much control over this technology because not many other companies is able to provide this type of technology.

While the United States develops 5G and future cellular technology, this proceeding gives Qualcomm more money, power and control in developing the 5G technology.


04 Man throws kid off 3rd floor at Mall of America

Yesterday, in Bloomington, Minnesota, Emmanuel Aranda (24) was charged with attempted first-degree murder for throwing a 5-year old boy off the third floor balcony at the Mall of America last Friday. He fell almost 40 feet.

The boy, Landen, is still in critical condition. He had multiple broken bones and severe head trauma.

The boy and his mother were with their friends when Aranda approached them, suddenly grabbed his 5-year old son and threw him off the balcony.

Police said Aranda tried to flee, but was caught and taken to jail.

When police questioned Aranda, he said he was angry over being rejected by women at the mall in the past.

He said he came to the mall looking for someone to kill, preferably an adult, but said “it didn’t work out.”

Police said Aranda has a criminal history of destroying mall property and lashing out at women when they reject his advances. He also had an arrest warrant in Illinois for assault. He was previously banned from the Mall of America.

Landen’s family and their friends set up a GoFundMe to pay for Landen’s medical bills and has raised over $660,000 so far.


05 Over $1 million raised for Louisiana church fires

Yesterday an American journalist, Yashar Ali, tweeted that the Notre Dame rebuild will be well-funded, then asked for help and attention on raising funds for the three historically black churches that were burned down in Louisiana.

See this tweet.

[@Yashar: “The rebuild of Notre Dame will be well funded.

In the past month, three historically black churches in Louisiana were destroyed by a racist arsonist. He has been charged with hate crimes, but these churches need your help. Please join me in donating”]

Within a few hours, thousands were donated by various people such as journalists, celebrities, business leaders, and athletes. Now it’s over $1.1 million donated, but still short of their goal of $1.8 million to rebuild the three churches and have them ready to serve people.

The man charged with starting fires to the churches, Holden Matthews (21), got three additional federal hate crime charges. He pleaded not guilty and was denied bond, so he remains jailed.



06 Gallaudet sponsors The Daily Moth in 2019

Gallaudet University will continue their sponsorship of “The Daily Moth” this year.

I am very grateful for their belief and support of the mission to deliver news in sign language.

I was born just outside of Washington. D.C. in Maryland and went to Kendall Demonstration Elementary school up to the third grade before I moved to Florida.

I’ve always looked at Gallaudet as a “city-world” that was made just for Deaf people, as an evidence of Deaf people’s existence, language, and culture

Last Monday it was Gallaudet’s 155th year anniversary of Abraham Lincoln signing a charter that established the university and authorized it to grant degrees.

One of the strongest influences on Moth is Gallaudet’s National Academic Bowl tournament for Deaf and hard of hearing high school students.

One of their categories for the questions is “Current Events.” When I was on the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind team, I read newspapers daily to prepare. That’s how I became addicted to news.

And I’m happy to be a part of the Academic Bowl tournaments by covering it last weekend and the competitions the past two years.

Thank you, Gallaudet, for your support, and I am looking forward to delivering news this year!


That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!