Deaf characters on Netflix

There are two more Deaf characters on Netflix — one in an anime film and one in a TV series.

The anime film is “A Silent Voice.” It is about a deaf girl going through bullying at a school. I have not watched the film, only saw a few clips, and it shows sign language. If you do watch it let me know what you think in the comments.

The second one is TV series “Tales of the City,” which focuses on GLBTQ characters in San Francisco. Deaf and gay actor Dickie Hearts is in it. He plays the role of Mateo. I got this information from the Deaf Queer Resource Center, who announced it on Facebook.

I also haven’t watched it, but if you do, let me know what you think in the comments.

It’s good to see Netflix giving Deaf characters opportunities, yet, Netflix has gone in the opposite direction in the past with casting a hearing character for a Deaf role in two major films — “Hush” and “The Silence.”

So it is several steps forward, then backward, and forward again.

Dickie Hearts:

A Silent Voice: