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World News Briefs: Trump’s deal with Mexico; Massive protests in Hong Kong

Here are two world news briefs from the weekend.

The first — on Friday, President Trump announced that he has reached an immigration and security deal with Mexico and that he would pull back from his threat of tariffs of 5% that would have started today.

Mexico will send 6,000 National Guard troops across the country with a focus on its southern border with Guatemala to try and control the flow of migrants.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said they will also allow migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. to stay in Mexico while they wait for U.S. immigration court hearings.

Mexico said it is their goal to stop the flow of asylum seekers, and if they are not successful, they will consider other steps.

Trump tweeted today that a part of the deal requires a vote by Mexico’s legislature and that if it fails, he would reinstate the tariffs.

The second news — There were between 250,000 to a million protesters in Hong Kong who spoke out against a proposed law that would allow China’s government to extradite people from Hong Kong to face trial. Hong Kong is a territory of China, but has independent control of its own land and people.

HongKongers are concerned that China will abuse their authority and jail people for political reasons. China said they need this law to close legal loopholes (for example, to prevent people from committing a crime in China and then going across the border to hide in Hong Kong.)

The protests were mostly peaceful, but there were clashes with police.


Hong Kong:


Crane falls on Dallas apartment building

Yesterday a crane in Dallas, Texas fell on an apartment building and killed a 29-year-old woman who was inside an apartment. Five other people were injured.

The crane fell while severe storms with 70-mph winds were in the area. It also hit a parking garage, slicing off at least five floors, sending vehicles tumbling down.

The apartment management team said they have evacuated all of the apartment’s residents and some pets, and are helping them find a place to stay.

A Deaf man from Minnesota, Curtis Oldfather, was visiting Dallas yesterday. He told “The Daily Moth” that his family stayed at a Burger King while the heavy storm hit, then got a text about the crane collapse, and decided to check the scene. Here are some pictures.

[Images - Credit: Curtis Oldfather]

Wow, you can see that the metal is completely twisted backwards.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will investigate what exactly caused the collapse. It is possible the entire apartment will have to be demolished.


MLB star David Ortiz shot in Dominican Republic

Former MLB star David Ortiz, who played for the Boston Red Sox, was shot in the back in his home country, Dominican Republic. Ortiz was at a bar/lounge.

He is in stable condition at a hospital after having emergency surgery.

Ortiz’s father said the bullet went through his back and exited out of his stomach. During the surgery, doctors had to remove his gallbladder and control bleeding in his liver and bowel.

The suspected gunman, who is 25 years old, is in custody. Security video showed him walking to a bar and firing his gun at point blank range. ESPN reported that he was beaten by a crowd, went to a hospital, and then was placed into police custody.

Two other people were wounded from the shooting.

Ortiz won three World Series with the Red Sox and was a 10-time All-Star. His nickname is “Big Papi.”

Many people, including former President Barack Obama, wished him a speedy recovery.


Lightning strikes, kills man on motorcycle

Yesterday in Florida, a 45-year-old man who was riding on his motorcycle on I-95 during a storm was struck by lightning on his helmet. ABC News said he veered off the road and crashed and died.

The Florida Highway Patrol posted an image of the man’s cracked motorcycle helmet.

[image: Credit: Twitter/FHPOrlando

The man was from North Carolina. An off-duty Virginia State trooper saw the lightning strike. An image of I-95 shows emergency responders and what appears to be a fallen motorcycle in a grassy median.


Ali Stroker is first wheelchair user to win Tony Award

Last night Ali Stroker became the first person who uses a wheelchair to win a Tony Award for her role on a Broadway revival of the musical “Oklahoma!”

Stroker is known to the Deaf community because she had a role on Deaf West’s “Spring Awakening,” a Broadway revival that had a successful run with multiple Deaf actors.

Deaf West Theatre recognized her in a Facebook post, saying she led the way as always.

[Post by Deaf West Theatre]

Stroker is 31. The New York Times said she lost the use of her legs in a car accident when she was 2.

She said her award is for every kid watching tonight who has a disability, that they are represented.

She said she wants theater owners and producers to think about how they can make sure their backstage areas are accessible to performers with disabilities.

The stage for the Tony Awards did not have a wheelchair ramp. When “Oklahoma!” won the Best Revival award, Stroker wasn’t able to join her cast onstage. So there are still major accessibility issues.

Congratulations to Ali Stroker, and she will become an even more powerful voice for accessibility.


World War II Veteran who is an interpreter is honored

Last Monday, a non profit organization named Honor Flight Bluegrass, posted a video of a World War II Navy veteran, Norma Lewis signing in a video.

Norma Lewis: I can’t wait to see all the men and women from World War II… and again to know we will be together again after the war 75 years ago… which is very hard to believe.

Renca: Their 75th anniversary for D-Day was hosted in Louisville, Kentucky last Friday. It was the largest gathering of WWII veterans in the state’s history. The youngest veteran was 91 and the oldest was 103. Lewis (96) was one of the few women to volunteer to serve the WWII.

To honor for her service, she got to ride in a B-25 plane for 20 minutes with 20 other veterans.

(Video clip)

The Daily Moth reached out to Lewis for an interview. The interview was taken through Convo relay service as a landline phone was only available for her to speak through.

Lewis shared her story about how she knew sign language. She grew up with a deaf aunt and uncle. She called herself an “in house” interpreter. She grew up interacting with the Deaf community. Lewis learned sign language through interaction.

When Lewis grew up, she and her sister wanted to serve the country so they applied for the military. Lewis served the Navy in the South Carolina base during the WWII. She was part of the intelligence group that was responsible to detect German subs off the coast. She served in the Navy for 3 years before returning back home. After her service, she immediately jumped back in the Deaf community. Eventually, Lewis became a certified interpreter and served the Deaf community for many years.

One of Lewis’ close friends, Kelly Peace, shared a few words about Lewis.

"Norma has been instrumental in mentoring many young interpreters over the years, myself included. She knew my Deaf sister and we began a mentor-mentee relationship over 40 years ago that has turned into a dear friendship. She is so we'll respected and loved, not only by me, but by so many people!"

Thank you, Kelly, for sharing.

We were curious if Lewis did meet any deaf people during her 3 years of service. She said she did not. We also asked if there was anything she would like to share with us. Lewis mentioned that she wants the world to know that Deaf people are just like every else and everyone should value Deaf people equally.

When Honor Flight Bluegrass posted the video of her, many interpreters and deaf people commented on how they valued Lewis’ contribution to our community.

Thank you Lewis for your service in not only the military, but in our Deaf community as well.

Norma Lewis:


*Correction: Kelly’s last name is Peace, not Pence


Deaf News Briefs: SD Gov. Noem finalizes sale of SDSD; Deaf VRS user apologizes for exposing buttocks to interpreter; FIFA updates in International Sign

Here are three Deaf News briefs.

The first — local news in South Dakota reported that state Governor Kristi Noem has finalized the sale of the South Dakota School for the Deaf and approved the program’s move to a former TCF Bank building as a new location.

There was pushback against the sale from the South Dakota Association of the Deaf, but Gov. Noem went forward with the change.

The move to the former bank building is expected to happen in the next six months after renovations.

The Sioux Falls Ministry Center agreed to pay $6.9 million for the SDSD campus.

The second news — last week multiple people sent “The Daily Moth” a video recording of a male Deaf VRS user exposing his bare buttocks towards a female interpreter during a call. The interpreter turns her head away for more than 10 seconds, then the video cuts out.

I was able to identify the Deaf male through some news tips from Moth viewers and reached out him on Facebook. He confirmed it was him and said he has already apologized to the VRS service.

It is not clear which VRS service it was, but it appears to be ZVRS or Purple. We tried to reach out to them, but did not get an immediate response. If we do, we will add it in the comments.

The third news — a person named Audrey notified “The Daily Moth” that FIFA provides daily recaps of the Women’s World Cup in International Sign. Sure enough, there are at least two people giving IS recaps on FIFA’s YouTube channel. They are Natasha Ruf and Pavel Rodionov.

It is a nice way to see the countries’ sign names, learn IS, and keep updated on the matches.

SDSD Sale Finalized by Gov. Noem:

FIFA Recaps in International Sign:


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