The Daily Moth 6-7-2019

NBA owner banned 1 year and fined $500k for shoving Raptors player; FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off in Paris; NASA says International Space Station open for business; Former Minneapolis officer sentenced 12 1/2 years for fatal shooting; Lesbian couple attacked on London bus; Deaf characters on Netflix; Deaf Bing from CSD Riverside

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NBA owner banned 1 year and fined $500k for shoving Raptors player

Mark Stevens, a billionaire and minority owner of the Golden State Warriors, was fined $500,000 by the NBA and banned from going to any games for a year after he shoved a Toronto Raptors player, Kyle Lowry, during Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night.

The incident played out on national television.

[Video clip]

Lowry was visibly angry and told referees that he was shoved. Stevens was asked to leave the stadium.

Lowry also said Stevens also used vulgar language towards him.

Stevens was initially banned from attending the rest of the NBA Finals, but now he’s banned a year.

Stevens apologized, saying what he did was wrong and that there is no excuse for it.


FIFA Women’s World Cup kicks off in Paris

Today the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament kicked off in Paris with 24 teams. The first match is between France and Korea Republic.

USA is the defending champions and a favorite to win again. Their first match is Tuesday against Thailand. You can watch the games on Fox or Fox Sports or on the Fox Sports app.

The final is on July 7.

NPR analysts said other strong teams to watch out for are Germany, England, France, and Brazil.

The U.S. women’s team sued U.S. Soccer for gender discrimination in March. They said they are paid less than members of the men’s team although they do the same work and are the defending champions.

The Norway team has a similar controversy with their star player, Ada Hegerberg, sitting out because of complaints of unequal treatment between the men and women’s teams.

The games will be hosted between nine French cities. The semifinals and final will be in Lyon.

Enjoy the matches, and of course I’m biased, go USA!


NASA says International Space Station open for business

NASA announced they will allow tourists or business people to stay in the International Space Station. They can stay there up to 30 days and will have to pay $35,000 a night.

Only two private trips are allowed a year and it has to be done through NASA’s contractors SpaceX or Boeing. It will cost about $58 million per person to blast off from Earth to the ISS.

If you want to go up there, and can afford it, you will have to meet NASA’s strict health requirements and undergo training.

NASA is now focusing on missions to Moon and to build infrastructure for people to stay there and use it as a base to go on missions to Mars and beyond.

Opening up the ISS for business is a part of their strategy.


Former Minneapolis officer sentenced 12 1/2 years for fatal shooting

Former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor was sentenced to 12 1/2 years in prison for shooting and killing an Australian woman in 2017.

Justine R. Damond called 911 on a summer night because she thought she heard a woman screaming for help.

Noor and his partner, in a squad car, responded to the scene and drove through an alley. Damond showed up and apparently banged on the car, which scared Noor, who fired a bullet that killed her. Noor was in the passenger seat and shot past his partner with the bullet going through the driver’s window, breaking the glass.

Noor said in court that he felt threatened, but a jury determined he was guilty of third-degree murder and other charges. He said he can’t apologize enough and will never be able to make up for the loss.

Noor is an immigrant from Somalia. His lawyer said he gave up his business career to become a police officer to give back to the community.

His lawyer asked for a sentence of one year and one day in prison. But the judge said good people sometimes do bad things and gave him the 12 1/2 year sentence.

The city of Minneapolis said they would pay Damond’s family $20 million to settle a lawsuit.


Lesbian couple attacked on London bus

A lesbian couple from London posted a picture of themselves sitting on a bus with their faces bloodied, explaining that they were attacked by at least four males.

The couple’s names are Melania Geymonat and Chris. They said this happened last week when they got on a night bus after a date. They said the group of males said sexually harassing things, then they threw coins, and the situation escalated with them punching the two, possibly breaking Geymonat’s nose. The insults were based on their status as a gay couple.

Police said they have arrested four male teenagers between 15 to 18 years old and are investigating CCTV footage.

Geymonat said one of the four spoke in Spanish and the others had British accents.

Several political leaders have spoken out about this attack, including the Prime Minister May and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Geymonat said she hopes this can be spoken out loudly in June, Pride Month, so this can stop happening.


Deaf characters on Netflix

There are two more Deaf characters on Netflix — one in an anime film and one in a TV series.

The anime film is “A Silent Voice.” It is about a deaf girl going through bullying at a school. I have not watched the film, only saw a few clips, and it shows sign language. If you do watch it let me know what you think in the comments.

The second one is TV series “Tales of the City,” which focuses on GLBTQ characters in San Francisco. Deaf and gay actor Dickie Hearts is in it. He plays the role of Mateo. I got this information from the Deaf Queer Resource Center, who announced it on Facebook.

I also haven’t watched it, but if you do, let me know what you think in the comments.

It’s good to see Netflix giving Deaf characters opportunities, yet, Netflix has gone in the opposite direction in the past with casting a hearing character for a Deaf role in two major films — “Hush” and “The Silence.”

So it is several steps forward, then backward, and forward again.

Dickie Hearts:

A Silent Voice:


Deaf Bing from CSD Riverside

Alex: Here is a Deaf Bing video from CSD Riverside. Teacher Reagan Anders sent it.

Deaf Bing: when someone tells Deaf people to stay on a boundary during a game, but they slowly step over it. The teacher would telll them to go back, but they would cross again. Deaf bing!

[Video clip of students playing with water balloons]

Students: That Deaf Bing! Yeah!

Alex: That makes sense. Hearing students would depend on sound for the cue to run, but Deaf would use their eyes and may be oversensitive to arm movements.

It looks like you had a great time. Lucky. I wish I could join. Y’all have a great summer.


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