YLC to celebrate 50 years at reunion in Pennsylvania

Youth Leadership Camp Alumni Foundation (YLCAF) is hosting a 50th year reunion this month from May 24th to 27th in Pennsylvania.

The Daily Moth reached out to Linda Hatrak Cundy, a member at large for YLCAF and the chairperson for YLC 50th reunion. The first question I asked: Can you explain what the difference is between the YLCAF and the YLC reunion?

LINDA HATRAK CUNDY: There’s a new organization called YLC Alumni Foundation (YLCAF) being created. It has two purposes. First, it was created, in maybe 2011, to plan for the 50th anniversary that was to be hosted in 2019. Secondly, it’s to develop an endowment fund of one million dollars. After YLCAF organization hosts the reunion, YLCAF will continue their operations by providing camp scholarships in order to provide the deaf youth an opportunity to attend YLC.

Renca: You mentioned about raising 1 million dollars, could you explain more about that?

LINDA: The YLCAF is developing an one-million-dollar endowment fund. With the budget, one of its purposes is to provide camp scholarships for the underprivileged, those in need, for the underrepresented youth across the country. Those who are in mainstream programs have limited opportunities to have deaf leadership trainings. So we’ve identified their needs through our scholarship program.

One other intention is to finance the camp program itself to maintain its high-quality services.

Renca: What are you most excited about?

LINDA: We have everyone that went to YLC last year, 2018, all the way back to the 1969 group. All of whom are between age 18 and 89 will be attending. Personally, I’m really excited to see how people who are 89 years old, went to YLC in 70s and 80s, will interact with the younger groups. It’s excited and I’m mostly looking forward to see what they all will think after the reunion. That’s my job anyhow.

Renca: There is a small buzz going around about Frank Turk’s (one of the co-founders for YLC) book, can you explain briefly about that?

LINDA: Frank Turk’s book is a draw for people to come to the reunion. People heard that Turk will launch his book at the reunion. It will have its first sales there. He’ll be giving a presentation about his book. Its topic is on the Deaf youth movement.

It’s based on the time when he was turning over the reins to the next generation. The book will be released at the reunion and we’ll be seeing the book for the first time. Afterwards, it’ll be up for sale. I’m really excited about Turk’s book.

Renca: Any last comments?

LINDA: Really, it’s now May, it is not too late to come. Even on that day, if you decide to come, we’ll accept registration. Come and join us!

I have room for you…come and join us…to celebrate the 50th anniversary over 3 days!

Renca: Linda did mention that it is a huge milestone for YLC to reach to this point- 50 years! So this is definitely a big celebration for the Deaf community. Thank you Linda for sharing! You can find more information with the link provided in the transcript below.

Link: https://ylcafoundation.org/