Lost River Vacations Kickstarter campaign raises $10k in 3 days

About a month ago I did a news report about three Deaf people who purchased 23 acres of land in Lost River, West Virginia with a dream of turning it into a campground with tiny houses.

On Sunday they were supposed to have a launch party for their Kickstarter campaign at a Deaf-owned brewery, Streetcar 82, but there was a water main break in the street front of the bar. They had to change their party to Red Bear Brewing, but it was still a success with over 500 people attending.

In only three days, they have surpassed their $10,000 goal on Kickstarter, but they hope the amount will go ever higher so they can build more on the land.

Here are comments from two of the founders, Andrew St. Cyr and Jane Jonas.

Andrew St. Cyr: It was our goal, our hope, to collect $10,000 in 30 days, but we already achieved more than this in only 3 days! This was such an inspiration for us and we are truly grateful for you, the community, for valuing our mission. It’s made us really roll up our sleeves and move things along even faster. Again, you’re really an inspiration to us and we love you!

Jane Jonas: Keep in mind that, with $10,000, we’re not satisfied and it’s really only the beginning. It’s seed money and we want to plant more seeds so we can grow even more! We want as many seeds as we can get because we want to build many houses! Also, the Kickstarter is only open for 30 days and you can still participate. There’s a number of rewards where you can get different things like one of our shirts, artworks and even cooler, you could stay at our tiny house. Remember if you choose to stay at the tiny house, there’s no expiration date attached to it! That means you can wait as long as you want before using the reward. You can give it to a friend. Pretty neat, right? Also, the pricing list on the Kickstarter includes amazing discounts! You will not see these same deals again. So, it’s an opportunity for you to participate in our Kickstarter program. We would truly appreciate your support. We love you!

Alex: Nice. You can check out their Kickstarter at the link below. There are varying levels of rewards, starting at $5, for varying amounts of pledges.

If you pledge $160, you’ll get a two-night stay at their tiny home.

Jonas told me that Lost River team will be featured in the Washington Post on the front page of Metro this Sunday.

Best of luck to the Lost River team as they continue to grow as a Deaf-owned business and contribute to our ecosystem.