Update on Deaf Talent

[Transcript] This is an update on Deaf Talent in our community. We have a list of many exciting things that will be happening.

“This Close,” a drama series, will release their new season on September 12th. Season 2 is about two deaf best friends, Kate and Michael, who is cast by Shoshannah Stern and Joshua Feldman, who are determined to reboot their friendship. As their old flames return and with distant parents, these two will have to learn how to lean on each other or fall apart. “This Close” will be on SundanceTV starting on Thursday, September 12th at 9pm EST. It also will be shown on Sundance NOW and AMC video streaming service.

A television show series on Netflix called “The Politician” will start its first episode on September 27th. A deaf person will be portrayed in this show as a principal of a school. This principal will be cast by deaf woman named Natasha Ofili. She is known for being part of a film called “You and Me” as Hannah and part of a deaf produced film “Mather” as Star Elder.

Danny Murphy, who is a well-known deaf BSL comedian from the UK, will be featured in a film called “The Parts You Lose.” Murphy has a starring role as a character named Wesley who discovers a fugitive that is played by Aaron Paul. The character Wesley helps this fugitive recover and these two develop a good bond as the police come looking for the fugitive. Murphy said on his Facebook page that he will be using ASL in this film. This film will be released on October 4th. You can see the link to the official trailer in the transcript.

Marlee Matlin will star in a comedy series called “Life and Deaf” that is partnered with CBS Studios, Four Boys Entertainment, and Disney+. Matlin is also the executive producer of this show. This comedy series will be about a CODA, Jack Jason, who also has been a long time business partner with Matlin, telling stories of what it is like to grow up with deaf parents.

Season 10 for “The Walking Dead” will start on October 6th. Lauren Ridloff and Angel Theory will continue their roles as Connie and Kelly.

Netflix will release a new movie called “Feel the Beat” in 2020. Shaylee Mansfield, a deaf girl, will portray a character in this movie. “Feel the Beat” is currently being filmed in Ontario, Canada. “A Quiet Place 2” will be released in March 2020 will still have a deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds, as Regan in this movie.

CJ Jones recently shared an article on his Facebook that Vin Diesel and a few new people will be joining the group of characters along with Jones’ role for James Cameron’s Avatar 2. This movie is expected to be released on December 17, 2021.

Wow, those are awesome things coming up. It is wonderful for the growth of Deaf talent. Make sure you remember to mark your calendars for those movie and TV show releases with our deaf people in them!














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