The Daily Moth is at the Democratic debate in Houston, TX!

**** Watch The Daily Moth cover the debate LIVE!****

[Transcript] Hello, I’m here in Houston, Texas for the third Democratic debate. The top 10 Democratic candidates are up. I’m at the media filing room and will also go to the “spin room,” which is where the presidential candidates will come and be swarmed by reporters trying to ask questions. I will try to wedge myself in there and I’ll have an interpreter with me. The debate will begin at 8 pm EST and finish at 11 pm EST. I will be watching it on a TV monitor in front of me and with a CART screen. I will go on Facebook LIVE and share commentary, analysis, and discussion. So you can watch the debate and on your laptop or phones you can watch “The Daily Moth,” comment, and have an interactive experience. So, see you there on Facebook LIVE at The Daily Moth!


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