The Daily Moth 5-6-2019

Top News Briefs: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give birth to baby boy; Michael Cohen reports to federal prison; Kentucky Derby ends with historic disqualification; Two plane incidents in Florida and Russia; World News Briefs: North Korea missile launch; Israel and Gaza reach ceasefire after airstrikes; “Victory!” Australia grants immigrant family with deaf son permanent residency; Guest #deafbing: T.P. PLEASE

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Top News Briefs: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give birth to baby boy; Michael Cohen reports to federal prison

Here are two top news briefs.

The first — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have given birth to a baby boy. He weighs 7 lbs, 3 oz.

Prince Harry told the media that he is very proud of Meghan and that she and their son are doing very well. The baby’s name is not yet known.

The second news — Michael Cohen has reported to a federal prison in Otisville, New York to begin his three-year sentence for tax evasion, lying to a bank, and for campaign finance violations related with hush money payments to women who claimed to have affairs with Donald Trump.

Cohen said there is still much to be told and that he looks forward to the day that he can share the truth.


Kentucky Derby ends with historic disqualification

Kentucky Derby is a horse race that started way back in 1875 so last Saturday was the 145th race. The Kentucky Derby is usually referred as “the most exciting two minutes in sports.”

Last Saturday, for the first time in 145 years, a rider was disqualified for interference.

A Panamanian jockey, Louis Saez, was riding his horse, named Maximum Security. He came in 1st place. He thought he won. A few jockeys called the stewards (people who are responsible to ensure all participants are following the rules in horse races), to object about Maximum Security’s foul move. The stewards reviewed the videos and agreed to penalize Maximum Security which moved the horse to 17th place. The stewards said that Maximum Security, the horse, violated a rule that the horse was not in its own lane. The horse moved out of its lane, cutting off another horse. A video shows Maximum Security’s back legs in between the other horse’s front legs.

So, the second place winner became the first -- a French jockey Flavian Pratt with his horse, Country House.

The Daily Moth reached out to a witness, Mary Alice Gardner, who was at the event and saw the whole thing. Here is a video.

MARY ALICE GARDNER: Hi! It’s May 4, 2019. I’m here in Louisville, Kentucky at Churchill Downs. Me and my friend Connie just sat and watched the 145th race of the Kentucky Derby.

(Clip of people in stands watching horses race)

GARDNER: There was a lot that happened. And the winner was someone who was disqualified. It’s the first time in history it happened! It’s a great memory. People were enraged. There was loud booing.

Renca: Mary Alice mentioned afterwards that she found out why the people were booing. They were booing at the Kentucky governor who presented the award, not at the rider. There were disappointed people who turned to be happy and happy people who turned to be disappointed when Pratt won. Thank you Mary Alice for sending in the video.

The next race, called the Preakness Stakes, will be on May 18th in Baltimore, Maryland.


Two plane incidents in Florida and Russia

Two sad incidents related with airplanes happened last weekend.

The first incident happened in Jacksonville, Florida at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville on Friday night. A military chartered plane landed on the runway, but ended up slipping off and onto the shallow part of St. Johns River. This plane had 136 people and 7 crew members. The passengers were active duty military members, civilian government employees, and their family members. Everyone survived and a few passengers have minor injuries.

Unfortunately, the pets that were on the plane seemingly did not. The pets (cats and dogs) were in crates under the plane. The rescuers did attempt to find them, but did not hear or see any noise from the pets. So, it is assumed that the pets drowned underwater. There were 4 pets listed for the plane, but could be more. The police said that they will have to wait until the plane is out of water.

The data recorder has been sent to Washington to be examined for more information.

The second incident happened yesterday (Sunday) in Moscow, Russia. A Russian airline, Aeroflot, burst into flames when it landed. The Sukhoi Superjet had 73 passengers and 5 crew members. They asked for an emergency landing because there was fire on board. It seems the hard landing caused more flames to burst.

At least 41 people including 2 children and a person from USA died from the fire. The other passengers were able to escape through the exits. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a “thorough investigation.”


World News Briefs: North Korea missile launch; Israel and Gaza reach ceasefire after airstrikes

Here are two world news briefs.

The first — North Korean government said they tested a short-range ballistic missile. Kim Jong Un was there and watched the launch.

It is not the same kind of missile that North Korea often launched in 2017 and before -- those were long-range missiles.

This will put pressure on U.S. President Donald Trump to consider a response as he has been trying to reach a peace deal with North Korea that requires denuclearization.

The second — there were rocket and military attacks between Israel and Gaza last weekend.

News reports say groups in the Gaza side fired 600 projectiles into Israel, killing at least four Israeli civilians.

Israeli military forces responded with air strikes. At least 23 Palestinians, including two pregnant women and two babies, died.

There is now a ceasefire. It was the worst fighting since 2014 between the two sides, Gaza and Israel.


“Victory!” Australia grants immigrant family with deaf son permanent residency

The Guardian reported that a family of four from Bhutan with a deaf son who was facing deportation from Australia has been granted permanent residency.

The deaf son is Kinley Wangchuck (18). In March, the country’s immigration authorities said the family couldn’t get permanent residency visas because the deaf son’s disability was permanent and would cost taxpayer money.

There was pushback with a petition with over 51,000 signatures to support the family.

A senator who uses a wheelchair, Jordon Steele-John, said the decision to deport the family was a disgrace. There was a lot of advocacy.

After a few weeks, Australia’s immigration minister, David Coleman decided to grant the family permanent residency.

The mother, Jangchu Pelden, told The Guardian that she just found out about this on Friday and that they all are so happy to be out of this stress. She said she couldn’t believe it and thought it was a scam at first.

The Guardian explained that the family have lived and worked in Australia since 2012 and that the deaf son grew up without a language but after moving, learned Australian Sign Language (Auslan).

The person who started the petition, David Randall, who is a retired teacher for deaf children, posted an update with the headline, “Victory!” He said the family are eternally grateful for the support they have been given.

Senator Steele-John tweeted that it was incredible news, but said laws needed to be changed.

[@Jordonsteele: “This is absolutely incredible news for the Wangchuck family. It’s time to change this law - will @AustralianLabor & @LiberalAus commit to making sure this situation never happens again? #AusPol#AusVotes.”]

So, this is a happy ending for this family. The mother works in childcare and the father works in aged care. They have a hearing son, who is 17.


Guest #deafbing: T.P. PLEASE


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