Deaf man completes 40th straight Broad Street Run

Philadelphia has an annual run named “Broad Street Run” which is one of the largest 10 miles road race in the USA. This race started in 1980 and one Deaf man, Joe Farrell Jr. (71) has run every single race for the last 39 years. This recent Sunday was his 40th race and last one.

[Clip of Joe running]

JOE FARRELL JR: The race was awful. It ran when it was constantly raining, I’ve never seen that before. I kept on and made it for my 40th year! It was overwhelming. Wow! Wow! After the finish line, I had pains all over. It isn’t like what it was when I was younger and faster. Today my feet hurt. But I’m happy and enjoy it. I remember the first annual one up to the 4oth. There is a big difference. In the 2000’s I was much faster. Now I have a bad average of over two hours, because of my age.

Renca: Joe is one of the four runners and the only Deaf person who has been involved with this run annually since the first run in 1980. Joe’s daughter, Colleen, who is also Deaf, has been running with him for the last 10 years. The Daily Moth asked her to share her experiences and if she will continue running.


I’ve always admired my father reaching the finish line every year even through cancer. That’s such big deal to me. Now, when it comes to me doing another one next year, let’s leave that to next year and see if I’ll actually do a 11th event or not. Let’s see!

Thank you Colleen for sending in the videos. Joe decided this year's run would be his last because he feels that his time is up. Joe was featured on a NBC Philadelphia article. You can find the link in the transcript. Congratulations to Joe for finishing his 40th and last race.