The Daily Moth 4-26-19 (Full Story)

Semi driver causes fatal 28-car pileup; Tiger attacks, injures animal sanctuary founder; German boy leads Spanish police to cave to find his mother and brother dead; Daniel Durant, Nyle DiMarco announce TV roles; Deaf South Africans receives prestigious National Orders awards; DPAN launches ASLCaptions service; Guest #DeafBing: No Knocking Needed


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Semi driver causes fatal 28-car pileup

Last night there was a very bad accident in Lakewood, Colorado on I-70. At least four people died and several others were injured.

It started when a semi truck crashed into traffic that was at a standstill, igniting a huge blaze. 28 vehicles were involved.

Police said the driver, Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, was charged with four counts of vehicular homicide. He has a CDL from Texas and was driving a flatbed loaded with lumber.

A man who was panhandling in the area helped to rescue several people from their cars. His name is Darin Barton. He told local news that he saw the semi crash into cars with it rolling over, igniting a fire.

He said he dropped his sign and ran towards the fire while others ran away in the opposite direction. He also said there were other people who helped to rescue motorists.


Tiger attacks, injures animal sanctuary founder

In Valentine, Arizona, a Bengal tiger attacked a man named Jonathan Kraft. Jonathan is the founder of a non profit animal rescue center named “Keepers of the Wild.” This center rescues exotic animals that have been mistreated or abused. Some of these animals have been rescued from the circus. So, what happened on Monday was that Jonathan was trying to protect the animals from the heavy rain, lighting, hail storm, and flash floods. He went to Bowie’s area (the Bengal tiger’s name), and opened the den gate to allow Bowie in the den area. However, Jonathan was not really paying attention and Bowie was acting weird. He pushed against the gate and attacked Jonathan. Bowie has no claws as he was declawed when he was a young tiger. So, he used his teeth and locked his grip on Jonathan. The animal care staff rushed in to help him. He has two broken bones and multiple injuries. Jonathan said he will not put Bowie to sleep because it was his fault that he should have paid attention and be better prepared to move the wild animals because they are dangerous. Jonathan was a former Las Vegas performer who used big cats. He decided to stop and encourage other performers to do the same. He developed the non profit animal rescue center “Keepers of the Wild” to provide a home for the exotic animals.


German boy leads Spanish police to cave to find his mother and brother dead

A 6 years old German boy led Spanish police in a cave where his mother and 10 years old brother lay dead. Apparently the mother and older brother were killed by the father. Authorities said that hikers saw the 6 years old boy was crying alone on the path and covered in dirt. The hikers tried to speak to him, but that boy does not speak Spanish. So, the hikers led him to a local resident who helped translate. Apparently what happened was that this family is from Germany, but the parents divorced a while back. Thomas Handrick, the father, moved to live in Spain. The mother, Shylvia thought it would be good for the two boys (10 years old and 6 years old) to visit Thomas. When the three of them went to see him, Thomas led them into a cave and seems to have beaten the mother and the oldest son to death. The youngest (6 years old) was able to escape after he saw a lot of blood. The authorities tried to interrogate Thomas, but he refused to cooperate and became violent. He was arrested. As for now, the grandparents are trying to get the 6 years old boy back to be under their care. Investigation is still undergoing.


Daniel Durant, Nyle DiMarco announce TV roles

Two Deaf actors, Daniel Durant and Nyle DiMarco, announced this week they will have roles on television shows.

Durant posted on Facebook that he will be on the Netflix series, "You" and that he will go to LA to work with the cast and crew the the first week of May.

[Facebook post]

The second -- Nyle DiMarco tweeted that he will be on ABC's "Station 19." His role is a Deaf firefighter.


He will be on the season finale on Thursday, May 16. Mark it on your calendars! ABC, Station 19.

Congratulations to the two.




Deaf South Africans receives prestigious National Orders awards

Two Deaf South Africans have received prestigious National Orders awards. The first is Braam Jordaan. He has received the Order of the Baobab in Silver from the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. He received the award for his work on sign language awareness and for his creative work on films and books.

The other Deaf person was honored, but after his death. His name was Thapelo Tambani, who was 9. He received a posthumous Order of the Mendi for saving the life of another boy who fell into a water-filled ditch. Sadly, he died after he himself fell under the water.

[Video clips]

The South African Government tweeted images of Jordaan receiving his award and of a representative of Tambani receiving his award.


That’s a very nice honor for Jordaan, and a very touching way to honor Tambani.

Jordaan posted a video in South African Sign Language on his Facebook about his work and advocacy. I’ll show you a clip.

[Video post]

Congratulations to Jordaan and our condolences goes out to the family of Tambani.

SA Government on Braam:

SA Government on Tambani:

Video of Braam Award:

Video of Tambani Award:

Braam’s FB Video:


DPAN launches ASLCaptions service

About a year ago, I got into a partnership with DPAN to provide captions on “The Daily Moth” videos. We’re still working together.

DPAN just announced that they have started to offer this service to other people and organizations.

Alex: I asked them to explain what it is.

Christian: ASL Captions provides caption and transcript services. The purpose of these services is to provide accessibility for all who want to enjoy ASL content.

Alex: I asked how does the process work with the transcript and captions?

Christian: After the client sends us their video, I’ll start working on the transcript. If I struggle or am unsure, I have a team ready to provide me some support. After the transcript is complete, I’ll share it with the client who looks it over. After they approve the transcript and give me the OK, I’ll pass it onto the captioner.

Paul: When Christian is finished with his transcript and passes it onto me, I’ll put the transcript into our captioning program.

Then I’ll clean up the captions and set it up before inputting them into the video.

After I’ve finished captioning, I’ll pass on the caption file to the client. That’s it.

Alex: I asked why did they start this service?

Sean: When we started in 2006, it’s always been the goal of DPAN to make content accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing communities. What started out as ASL Music Videos before the inception of DPAN.TV; captions, audio, voiceover, transcripts, visual descriptions always has been important to us. We’re excited to announce that this service will be provided to our communities.

Alex: Nice service and technology from a Deaf-run organization in Detroit!

I can say I’ve benefited greatly from this service and will continue to use DPAN’s aslcaptions service.

For more information and pricing, go to


Guest #DeafBing: No Knocking Needed

What do you do if you are a parent of a Deaf child who is mad and locks herself in a room? Do you knock? How do you communicate?

Here is a video from a mother of a Deaf child.

[Video of a female waving a note with the words, “Open the door” under a door]

Right! you write on a paper and wave it under the door.

I did the same thing growing up with my Deaf family. If the door is locked, after banging on the door, we wave a note. We tend to use it in the restroom because we’re in a hurry.

Thanks for the video!


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