Deaf and blind Saudi Arabian man executed

Last year I reported that a deaf and blind man from Saudi Arabia, Munir al-Adam, was sentenced to death by the country’s kingdom for being involved in political protests in 2012. He was accused of being violent and for sending texts. 

There are reports that he was executed last Tuesday with 36 other men. One of them were crucified. Saudi Arabia usually executes people with beheading.

The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities tried to intervene, but was not successful in stopping his death sentence. 

CNN’s office in Lebanon reported that al-Adam said during his trial that a confession letter attributed to him was false. He said it was written by his interrogator and that he did not write it.

CNN explained that most of the prisoners executed last week were a part of the Shia community, which is a minority. 

A human rights organization, ADHRB, condemned the Saudi Arabian government, saying al-Adam’s trial, sentencing, and execution was unfair.