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Turkish military moves into Syria; Political Briefs: White House resists House Dems; Hillary Clinton teases 2020; Bernie slowing down; Dallas police arrests suspects in Guyger trial witness death; Gunman kills two people outside German synagogue; Teen who stopped school shooting now a Marine

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Turkish military moves into Syria

The Turkish military have started an offensive into northeastern Syria after U.S. troops started pulling out a few days ago.

BBC reported that Turkish warplanes launched bombs in Syrian border towns and that there is a massing of Turkish ground forces at the border.

Turkey’s President Erdogan said the military would target Kurdish fighters who were allies of U.S. troops in the fight against ISIS. He said the goal of this offensive was to create a safe zone that would be cleared of Kurdish fighters and provide space for millions of Syrian refugees.

A Washington Post reporter said civilians in a border city, Tel Abyad, are scared and divided in their allegiance towards Turkey or towards Kurdish fighters.

There are thousands of ISIS fighters who are in Kurdish prisons and camps. It is not known what will happen to them if Kurdish fighters decide to go to the border to war against Turkey. Kurdish government officials have called on civilians to head to the border to defend themselves against Turkey.

So, there is a new war in Syria, which is already in its eighth year of civil war.

This will also reflect on President Trump’s leadership as it was his decision to pull out U.S. troops from the region. He tweeted that Turkey must take over the captured ISIS fighters.

Republican lawmakers have criticized the military pullout and the Turkish offensive.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said he hopes Trump will change course. The senator said that he will lead an effort in Congress to make Erdogan pay a heavy price, and to pray for Kurdish allies who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump administration.


Political Briefs: White House resists House Dems; Hillary Clinton teases 2020; Bernie slowing down

Here are three political news briefs.

The first — the White House told House Democrats yesterday that they won’t cooperate with the impeachment probe because it was an attempt to overturn the 2016 election.

President Trump said the House was a “kangaroo court” and a witch hunt.

House committees responded by subpoenaing George Sondland, the U.S. Ambassador to the EU. He was supposed to talk with Democrats yesterday, but was blocked by the Trump administration.

He is a key figure behind the scenes of the Trump-Ukraine relationship and was aware of Trump’s desire for an investigation on Joe Biden and his son. The biggest question is on if Trump used U.S. military aid as a bargaining chip.

The second news — Hillary Clinton said in an interview yesterday that she could beat President Trump in in 2020 if she decided to campaign.

Trump tweeted yesterday that Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal the Democratic nomination from Elizabeth Warren, but that she would have to explain her deleted emails. Hillary responded on Twitter, “Don’t tempt me. Do your job.”

Political analysts doubt she will try to run for president for a third time in 2020, and Clinton has said several times in the past she would not run again. But it’s an interesting thought on what it would mean for the Democratic race if Clinton was to throw her hat in.

The third news — Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders said he will have to change his campaign strategy and do less events and traveling after he had a heart attack last week in Las Vegas. He admitted he ignored warning signs of heart problems. He said he knows voters will consider his heath, but he has shown no signs of pulling out from the race. In separate news, Sanders’ daughter-in-law Raine Riggs passed away from cancer at 46 years old.


Dallas police arrests suspects in Guyger trial witness death

Dallas police announced yesterday that they have identified three suspects they believe are responsible for the shooting death of Joshua Brown, who was a witness in former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger’s trial.

Police said the three suspects traveled 300 miles from Louisiana to buy marijuana and that it was a drug deal gone bad with them exchanging gunfire. One suspect was arrested, the second is in the hospital with gunshot wounds, and the third, Thaddeous Green (22), is at large.

Police said they found 12 pounds of marijuana, other drugs, and $4,000 in cash from Brown’s apartment.

There is a lot of suspicion and speculation on Brown’s death because he died only two days after Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Brown lived in the same apartment complex as Guyger and the man she shot and killed, Botham Jean.

The NAACP and other advocates said there needs to be an independent investigation into Brown’s death.

A top Dallas police official said it’s not true that there’s a conspiracy and encouraged community leaders to look at their actions because their words have jeopardized the integrity of the city of Dallas and the police department.


Gunman kills two people outside German synagogue

In Halle, Germany, at least two people were shot and killed by a gunman who was wearing a military-style outfit. He had a vehicle, multiple weapons, and was seen opening fire at different locations.

One person died near a synagogue and the second person died at a kebab shop nearby. There was another shooting reported at a nearby city.

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism.

A witness said a gunman tried to enter a Jewish cemetery that was adjacent to the Halle synagogue. There were about 70 people inside of the synagogue.

Witnesses said they saw police vehicles chasing a vehicle that is possibly the gunman’s.

German authorities said they arrested one person in connection to the shooting.

The Independent reported that the gunman live-streamed the rampage on Twitch, spoke in English, called himself “anon,” and said he was a Holocaust denier. He also spoke out against feminism, immigration, and Jewish people.

The livestream was removed from Twitch.

It appears to be a targeted attack based on the hate is similar to the New Zealand attack.

Authorities have not yet named a motive or identified the detained individual.

[UPDATE: The German interior minister said the shooting was an anti-Semitic attack.]

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Teen who stopped school shooting now a Marine

Last year there was a school shooting at STEM Highlands Ranch near Denver, Colorado that killed an 18-year-old student and injured eight. There were two student shooters.

One of the shooters was stopped when a senior, Brendan Bialy, tackled and disarmed him.

Last month he officially completed Marine Corps training in San Diego to become a Marine.

Bialy said he already wanted to serve in the military before the shooting, but after the incident, it reinforced his decision because he saw that bad was overcome by good.

The student who died was Kendrick Castillo, who was killed when he threw himself on the shooter. He was a friend of Bialy.

There was a third student, Joshua Jones, who also helped to stop the shooter. He was shot twice.

The two shooters were 18 and 16 years old at the time. They’re in jail and are facing multiple murder and attempted murder charges.


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