Thank you, Austin!

[Transcript] Hello! What’s up with the U-haul truck behind me? I am announcing that I, and therefore, The Daily Moth will be moving up north. We will no longer be based in Austin. We’re moving to Detroit, Michigan. It’s a big change. I don’t think my dog likes it, but he’ll have to put up with me for the 20 hour drive.

Why are we moving and starting a different life? My wife is Canadian. She misses her family in Ontario, and we’ve always wanted to move somewhere north. We considered a few good options, but decided on Detroit because DPAN, which was founded by Sean Forbes, has many entertainment productions. They have a large professional studio and I’ve always thought about doing the Daily Moth show there, instead of at my home, which is what I’ve been doing. Why not go for more, aim high? I talked with Sean and he said, ‘Sure, you’re welcome to do the Daily Moth show in DPAN’s studio’! So that and the border being right there at the Detroit river are two big reasons for the move.

It’s hard to leave Austin. It’s a little emotional to leave. I want to say thank you to Austin. I moved here in 2013. Austin will support you, it will make you grow, and stimulate your creativity. There’s good people, a good deaf community, the hearing people are friendly. It’s champ. This is one of the best cities. If you’re thinking about moving to Austin but you’re not sure, it’s a thumbs up from me.

I want to thank many people here in Austin. My family and Elisa, my sister. Texas School for the Deaf, CSD (Communication Service for the Deaf), both places where I worked. And Convo, their headquarters for supporting the Daily Moth. There’s many Gallaudet Alumni here, as well as NTID/RIT alumni too. I can’t list everyone since I’d miss many people in Austin, but this is a good place. This is where The Daily Moth was founded in 2015 and it grew to what it is today here in Austin. I feel like Austin made this possible.

There is nothing pushing me away from Austin, it’s simply goodbye, and thank you, Austin. Now, for a new adventure in the north, in Michigan. I’m from Florida and now I’m moving to the opposite environment. I’m very excited about the new opportunities and the new dreams and “upping our game” for the Deaf community. So now our journey begins.

Tomorrow we will have a sub covering the news. I will see you next week on The Daily Moth from a different area, Detroit. Love you all, and stay with the light!


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