Mozzeria announces new H St. location in Washington, D.C.

Mozzeria, Inc. and Communication Service for the Deaf’s Social Venture Fund (SVF) announced on Thursday that there will be a new Mozzeria restaurant location in Washington, D.C. on H St. NE that is set to open Spring 2020.

CSD CEO Christopher Soukup and Chief Innovation Officer Dominic Lacy made the announcement in a building that is still under construction at the intersection of H St. and 13th St., NE. It appears to be the future spot of the restaurant.

This is a 10-15 minute walk from Gallaudet University and is in the middle of a rapidly transforming H St. Corridor that is full of restaurants, bars, art, and activities.

Melody and Russ Stein, founders of Mozzeria, told “The Daily Moth” that they are very thrilled that Mozzeria Inc. have identified a location where there is access to Gallaudet and the Deaf community. They said giving exposure to Deaf businesses has always been the ultimate goal.

This restaurant would be the only Deaf-owned storefront, brick-and-mortar business in the area. The “Signing Starbucks” is on the same street and while it employs mostly Deaf people, it is owned by Starbucks. So this would be the only Deaf-owned building on the street.

CSD’s SVF announced their investment in Mozzeria in December 2017, then announced last year that there would be a second Mozzeria location in Austin, TX. Soukup and Lacy said they are still looking for the right location in Austin.