Facebook removes vlog by Deaf man that shows burning of a LGBTQ flag

Last week a Deaf man, Eric Oberhausen, posted a vlog on Facebook in which he showed a video of a LGBTQ pride flag burning up. That video is no longer on Facebook and Oberhausen’s account is unavailable to view, which could mean his account is suspended.

A Deaf man from Florida, Brandon Telford, posted on Facebook that he was the one who reported the video for promoting graphic violence. He showed a screenshot of message from Facebook that confirmed that the video violated their “Community Standards” and that they removed it.

Although the video is no longer up, several Deaf people shared screen recordings of the video.

In the video, Oberhausen showed the flag-burning clip three times and said it was a “beautiful thing.” He described a passage from the Bible in which Christians burned books about witchcraft. He said in the vlog that he loves people but hates the Pride flag and the LGBT.

The Daily Moth reached out to Telford to ask him why he decided to report it.

BRANDON TELFORD: The reason why I’m reporting on Eric Oberhausen to Facebook is because he lit a LGBTQ Pride flag on fire.

I was sickened by this, to be honest with you, and I’ve seen him post many anti-LGBTQ for awhile now.

Honestly, I’d been scrolling upwards, ignoring his posts, but now he’s setting a LGBTQ Pride flag on fire.

I didn’t think this was right and he was going too far so I decided to report him and explain my case and what happened. Then Facebook read my report, thanked me and notified me that they had removed the post.

I was actually surprised that they answered my questions. I checked Eric’s Facebook page and the post wasn’t there anymore. It seems like it worked. I do hope that he doesn’t continue this and refrains from oppressing the LGBTQ people. Don’t do that. We should be respecting each other. Thank you for your time.

Alex: Thank you, Telford, for sharing.

I was unable to reach out to Oberhausen as his account appears to be suspended. It is not the first time he has made a controversial vlog that is based on his interpretation of the Bible.