Don’t walk and FaceTime at the same time


A Deaf man from Manhattan, Michael Kaufer, was severely injured when he walked and FaceTimed at the same time. He will share his story. I have to warn you, there are some graphic images.

MICHAEL KAUFER: Yesterday, I was on my phone signing on FaceTime while I was walking outside. I didn’t see this metal thing. I tripped over it, fell and smashed my face onto the sidewalk. Hit me square in the face.

I was in shock lying there with blood gushing from my face. My friend on the phone could only see multiple people circling around me.

BRANDON HENRY: The phone was on the sidewalk with me on FaceTime.

I thought he just dropped his phone, so I waited and waited for him to pick it up.

After awhile, still nothing and that confused me.

Then a woman picked up the phone and spoke through the FaceTime and tried to listen to it.

She was surrounded by people.

I was so confused. I was just chatting and then the phone was dropped.

I didn’t understand.

She kept moving the phone around, speaking then she pointed it towards my friend who I saw was lying on the sidewalk.

That shocked me. He fell and I felt so helpless.

MICHAEL: I was transported to the hospital on an ambulance.

CLARE CASSIDY: That’s fine…

MICHAEL: I fell in front of a firehouse, some cute guys here.

CLARE: Yummy.

My god. Please…you need to be in a bubble wrap

MICHAEL: I ended up with a total of about 15 stitches.

I really need glasses, but it hurts when I wear my glasses. I can see better now. My recommendation to you all…please do not FaceTime while you walk. Thank you.

BRANDON: Chatting on FaceTime while walking is a bad idea.

Alex: I’m glad you’re recovering! I think we’ll keep in mind to not walk and FT at the same time.