California parents who tortured kids gets 25 to life; Officials say 5th grader in fight died from natural causes


Here are two top news briefs.

The first — the California parents who pleaded guilty to torturing and holding captive their 13 children in their home were sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

The couple was arrested last year. Their children at the time were between 2 to 29 years old. One of the children escaped and called police.

The children were found malnourished with some of them chained.

One of the children said in court that her parents took her whole life from her, but that she is taking her life back.

The second news — the 5th grader who died after a fight in a classroom in South Carolina is said to have died from a brain condition, not from the fight. Her name was Raniya Wright and she was 10.

A state official said there was was a rupture in her brain but that there was no sign of trauma that contributed to her death — no bruises, cuts, or scrapes. They said she had a birth defect and it just happened after the fight. They said it was a “slap fight” that lasted for a few seconds.

The girl’s mother said while she respects the investigation, the story doesn’t end here. She said her daughter was bullied and that the school did not do enough.

The girl who fought with Wright was transferred to an alternative school.