Wisconsin State Rep. Brostoff cuts hair in ceremony after passage of interpreting bill

[Transcript] In February, “The Daily Moth” did an interview with Wisconsin State Representative Jonathan Brostoff (D), who refused to cut his hair until a bill to improve sign language interpreting standards passed. He worked in solitary with the Wisconsin Association of the Deaf.

Now — the bill has passed. It only needs the governor’s signature to become law.

Rep. Brostoff and members from the Deaf community had a celebration on Monday night to shave off his hair at a deaf-owned hair salon. The owner’s name is Kayleigh Rucktenwald and the salon’s name is Have a Good Hair Day Salon.

The hair-cutting ceremony was streamed LIVE on Facebook. See this clip.

[Clip of FB Live video]

Rep. Brostoff represents the 19th District in Milwaukee. He gave a speech in ASL on the floor to advocate for the bill, which is said to be a historical first for the state legislature. See this clip.

[Clip of floor speech]

The bill, Assembly Bill 250, establishes four new categories of interpreting licenses: intermediate hearing, advanced hearing, intermediate deaf, and advanced deaf.

The WAD President Katy Schmidt told “The Daily Moth” in February that he has truly shown what an ally is. She also explained that the bill would lead to more employment opportunities for CDIs.

The link to the bill is in the transcript.


Hair Cutting Ceremony: https://www.facebook.com/Rep.Brostoff/videos/451786918718097/

Local News: https://bit.ly/2XEWkcY

Bill AB 250: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2019/related/proposals/ab250

Floor Speech: https://www.facebook.com/WisconsinEye/videos/vb.99037890199/614602865695058/?type=2&theater

Previous Moth Interview: https://bit.ly/2KUQNZV

Deaf-owned Salon: https://goodhairdaymke.com/professionals/kayleigh/



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