Updates on Notre Dame fire


[Transcript] Yesterday, Paris police investigators said they think the fire was an accident caused by an electrical short-circuit, either by a computer glitch or from temporary elevators.

They still haven’t entered the cathedral for safety reasons. The cathedral’s walls are being supported by wooden planks so they don’t cave in.

They have questioned at least 40 staff and workers who were renovating the cathedral.

Over $1 billion has been raised to rebuild the cathedral. French President Emmanuel Macron announced that it is his goal to rebuild it within 5 years.

Also, yesterday, beekeepers using drones posted pictures on Instagram showing that all three beehives living on the cathedral have survived the fire. The pictures showed bees flying in and out.

The beehives were not burned up because they are about a hundred feet below the main roof where the fire was and smoke doesn’t affect bees like they do for people.

The cathedral’s beekeeper said there are a total of about 180,000 bees in these hives and that he will check to see if all of the bees survived.

The bees have been there since 2013 and the church says they have a great relationship with them.

There have been many comments saying that it’s a miracle that those bees survived.