Updates on Notre Dame Fire


Here are updates on the Notre Dame fire from yesterday.

This morning, the Paris Fire Service announced the fire was completely extinguished. 400 firefighters, pumping water from the Seine River, fought the fire for almost 9 hours.

There were no deaths but there were at least three people injured.

They said two-thirds of the wooden roof structure along with the spire were destroyed. Firefighters were able to save the bell towers and the flying buttresses.

It is still not clear what caused the fire, but they think it started in either the attic or the roof and are treating it as an accident, not terrorism or arson. 

There was a renovation of the church’s roof and spire at the time the fire started. There is an investigation on what started it.

There are stories of firefighters, friends from church and others working in a human chain to save historical artifacts from the cathedral.

One historical artifact saved was the Crown of Thorns, which is said to have been worn by Jesus Christ on the cross, as well as other historical artifacts and artworks.

They will be transferred to the Louvre Museum where they will be protected and eventually restored.
The French president Emmanuel Macron said the fire was a terrible tragedy and that they would rebuild the church in five years and make it even more beautiful. 
He has set up an international fundraising effort. Some private donors have already pledged more than $600 million.

Some experts said it would take 10 to 15 years to fully restore the church. 

The University of Notre Dame in Indiana said they would donate $100,000. 

Pope Francis tweeted that we will unite in prayer and that the sorrow will be transformed into hope through reconstruction.

Many people, including those in the Deaf community, posted pictures of Notre Dame from their previous travels.