Update from Bahamas Survivors

[Transcript] Two weeks ago we shared an update related with Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

We mentioned the two greatly affected areas- Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands. We reached out to a person named Johnathan Cooper who is the president of Grand Bahama Deaf Association. He is currently working with the deaf survivors in Freeport, an area in Grand Bahama.

Cooper mentioned there is still no running water or electricity. He sent us a video of some of the deaf survivors sharing their experiences with Hurricane Dorian. This video was taken at night time and it is dark due to them having no electricity. In the video you will see that they are using flashlights. Here is the video.



I’m not okay. It’s hard. In September there was a big hurricane and I was terrified. I prayed hard for God to protect me. The storm was four days long. The water almost got into my home. I thanked God when the storm was gone, but there is no food, no water, no water for bathing. No light. I’m praying for God, please. Thank you.


I saw the water rising outside and I was scared. I held my baby niece in my arms. I later sat in a truck as it headed for a church. We waited for a day there for the flood to recede. I then went to my home and saw debris everywhere. I tried to clean it up, but it was soaked. Everything was wet. I had to clean it up. No water, no light, there is nothing.


No light, no water. There were winds. We have just a little food and we can’t cook too much. We have to ration the food.


I went to my sister’s house, right. The water there went up to my chest. All the chairs, the table, the bed, the drawers -- everything was wiped out. (Emotional moment) Pray for my family. Protect them and bless everybody.


Thank you for the wonderful gifts.


Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you for giving us something.


Thank you for helping with food and everything.

Thank you Cooper for sending us this video. If you want to make a donation or help them with what they need, you can contact Cooper on Facebook as Johnathan Cooper, his email, or his WhatsApp number. All of his information is in the transcript below.

We also want to thank the survivors for being willing to share their story. Our thoughts are with you.


Email: jcoops82@hotmail.com

WhatsApp: 242-441-5116

Facebook: Johnathan Cooper


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