The Daily Moth 8-8-2019

ICE arrests 680 people in Mississippi raids; Four killed in stabbing spree in Southern California; Actor Danny Trejo rescues child in overturned car; Canadian police find bodies of two teenager murder suspects; Trial for priests accused of abusing deaf children in Argentina


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ICE arrests 680 people in Mississippi raids

U.S. immigration agents raided several businesses in Mississippi today and arrested 680 individuals on suspicion of illegally working in the U.S. ICE said they raided seven agricultural processing plants and seized company business records.

NPR reported that more than 600 ICE agents worked together to surround the plants and prevent anyone from escaping. Most of those arrested were Latino immigrants.

Those who were arrested were detained with zip lines and put into buses and sent to a National Guard facility to go through interviews on their immigration status and to check if they had deportation orders.

The Jackson Free Press reported that there were children who finished their first day of school with no parents to go home to because they were arrested. There were babies and toddlers stuck at daycare with nobody picking them up. It is not clear what will happen to the children. It appears that of those detained, whoever is the “only caretaker” of minors will be released after seeing an immigration judge.

Advocates for immigrants said the raids is a part of an ongoing war against immigrant families and the communities in which they live. Others criticized ICE for the timing of the raids, pointing to the El Paso terror attack in which a gunman targeted immigrants and killed 22.

Federal authorities said America is a nation of immigrants but also a nation of laws and that they must enforce the law. They have warned that there will be more raids coming against businesses who hire undocumented immigrants.


Four killed in stabbing spree in Southern California

Yesterday afternoon in Southern California, four people were stabbed to death and two people were injured from a man who went on a stabbing and robbery spree.

Police said it started when the man stabbed and killed two men in an apartment complex where he lived. He had machete-like knives.

The suspect then went to a bakery, showed the owner a gun, and took the money from the register.

He then went to an insurance business and stabbed a 54-year-old female employee, who fought back. She was injured but is expected to survive. The struggle was caught on a live television feed monitored by an alarm company, who alerted police.

The suspect took cash from the insurance business and then went to a check-cashing business next door, robbing it.

He then went to a Chevron gas station and stabbed a man pumping gas. His nose was nearly cut off.

The suspect then went to a Subway restaurant and stabbed a male employee to death and robbed it.

He then went to a 7-Eleven and stabbed a security guard to death, then cut out his gun from his belt.

Undercover detectives were able to track the suspect’s car to the 7-Eleven. They saw him coming out of the store with the knives and gun. He was told to drop his weapons and was arrested.

The suspect and all the victims were Hispanic. Police said those crimes had nothing to do with hate or race.

Police said the man was full of anger, that it seems to be a random, violent spree, and that it was pure evil.


Actor Danny Trejo rescues child in overturned car

Actor Danny Trejo is hailed as a hero after he helped to rescue a young boy who was strapped in a car seat of an overturned car in the Los Angeles area.

Trejo was in the area and saw the accident. He said it seems like a driver ran a red light and smashed into the SUV that held the child inside, causing it to roll over and rest on its roof.

He tried to crawl through a broken window but couldn’t unhook the seat belt. A bystander jumped in to help and the two were able to pull the child out.

The driver was the child’s grandmother. She was still trapped in the driver’s seat and firefighters had to use equipment to rescue her.

Trejo said he comforted the boy, who had special needs, and kept him distracted from the situation by talking about superpowers and muscles while his grandmother was being rescued.

Three people were injured but are expected to recover. Trejo is 75 years old. He told news that everything good that has happened to him was from him helping someone else.



Canadian police find bodies of two teenager murder suspects

Canadian police announced they have found the bodies of two teenagers who are accused of murdering three people in Canada. Their names are Bryer Schmegelsky (18),and Kam McLeod (19).

The two suspects are from British Columbia and have been on the run from police since the end of July, when they were named as the suspects of the murders of a 24-year-old American, Chynna Deese, and her 23-year old boyfriend from Australia, Lucas Fowler. The couple were found shot to death in British Columbia. They were on a road trip across Canada.

Police charged the two teenagers with shooting and killing a 64-year-old man from British Columbia, Leonard Dyck, and taking one of his vehicles. That vehicle was later found burned out three provinces away in Manitoba.

There was an extensive manhunt for the two suspects that has now ended with the discovery of their bodies, which was next to a river near Gillam, a remote town. There will be an autopsy to formally identify them.

It is not known the motive for the murders. It’s also unclear how the two suspects died.


Trial for priests accused of abusing deaf children in Argentina

In Argentina, the trial for two priests and a gardener who are accused of sexually abusing multiple deaf children at the now-closed Provolo Institute started a few days ago.

Priest Nicola Corradi (83) is the founder of the institute in 1995 and was arrested in 2016 for sex crimes.

He is from Italy and there were reports of abuse in schools where he worked in Italy before he moved to Argentina in 1970.

The Daily Moth has done a long summary about the reports of the abuses in a video in February. The link is below in the transcript.

Corradi and the other two defendants face a prison sentence between 20 to 50 years for abuses that happened between 2004 and 2016. The trial is expected to last between one to two months. About 200 people will testify. The trial will be closed to the public.

News reports say there are deaf survivors and their relatives protesting outside of the courthouse.

There will be upcoming trials for nuns, former directors, and employees of the institute who are accused of taking part in the abuses or knowing about it but not taking action.

Survivors said they have warned Pope Francis, who is from Argentina, about Corradi and other abusive priests in 2014, but that he did not take action.

Former deaf survivors of abuse in Italy told the Vatican that Corradi as an abuser in 2009, but there was no action taken against him.

The Archdiocese of Mendoza said they are in solidarity with those who have suffered.

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