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Three potential mass shooters stopped; Steel company apologizes for toxic spill; Prince Andrew denies accusations of child sex abuse; Wedding suicide bomber kills 63; NFL player and audiologist killed in motorcycle accident; Melmira visits Deaf Film Camp at CM7; Guest #DeafBing from Jennifer Tandoc Artist and Julian Moiwai Studio

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Three potential mass shooters stopped

CNN reported that last weekend, law enforcement arrested three men from different states because they appeared to be close to carrying out a mass shooting.

The first man is Brandon Wagshol (22) from Norwalk, Connecticut. Police said he posted on Facebook an “interest in committing a mass shooting.” Someone sent a tip to authorities, who arrested him after finding four illegal large capacity magazines at his home. Police and FBI also said he was trying to build his own rifle and wanted to buy large capacity magazines from out of state.

The second man is Tristan Scott Wix (25) from Daytona Beach, Florida. Police arrested him after he sent his ex-girlfriend texts with threats to commit a mass shooting. He said he wanted to kill 100 people or kill someone from over 3 miles away by firing at a large crowd of people. Wix said he wanted to die and have fun doing it. The ex-girlfriend alerted police, who arrested him and then found a .22 caliber hunting rifle and 400 bullets in his apartment.

The third man is James Patrick Reardon (20) from New Middletown, Ohio. He was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot up a Jewish community center in Youngstown. Police said his Instagram account had a video of a man firing a gun with a caption that foresaw himself being identified as a shooter of the Jewish community center. The shooting never happened, but he “predicted” it. His posts had anti-Semitic comments, and white nationalist content. A search found multiple rifles and several magazines.


Steel company apologizes for toxic spill

A steel company has apologized for spilling dangerous chemicals into waters that killed fish and forced several beaches around Lake Michigan to close.

ArcelorMittal said they accept responsibility for spilling cyanide and ammonia into the Little Calumet River. There were many dead fish near a yacht club and marina in Portage. The National Park Service had to close some beach areas at the Indiana Dunes National Park.

The company said they have repaired the problem and are confident that their facility’s wastewater system is operating within normal ranges.

Portage’s mayor has criticized the company for not alerting people until hundreds of dead fish were seen.

Several organizations and individuals said they want to sue ArcelorMittal for violating the Clean Water Act.


Prince Andrew denies accusations of child sex abuse

British tabloid “The Daily Mail” released a video of a man who looks like Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, inside of Jeffrey Epstein’s home in Manhattan in 2010, saying goodbye to a young woman who exited. The Mail also showed a video clip on of Epstein exiting the house with a young woman about the same time that Andrew was spotted.

NPR reported that it has raised fresh questions on what Prince Andrew was doing with Epstein and on how much he knew about Epstein’s alleged crimes.

The Royal Family issued a statement that said the Duke of York is appalled by Epstein’s alleged crimes and deplores the suggestion that he would condone, participate in, or encourage the exploitation of a human being.

Andrew is the fourth person in line to the throne. He and his wife are known associates of Epstein, even after his conviction in 2008 in Florida for paying an underage girl for prostitution.

There is a lawsuit against Andrew from Virginia Roberts Guiffre, who said when she was 15 and working at the Mar-a-Lago, which is owned by Donald Trump, she was forced to have sex with Andrew in London, New York, and on Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The Royal Family said Guiffre’s allegations are false and without any foundation.

In separate news, the Mail reported last week that there was a painting of former president Bill Clinton in a blue dress in Epstein’s house. The dress looks just like the one that Monica Lewinsky said had a stain from Clinton.

Epstein committed suicide by hanging at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on August 10 after being charged with sex trafficking of multiple underage girls.


Wedding suicide bomber kills 63

On Saturday night in Kabul, Afghanistan a suicide bomber killed 63 people, including children, and wounded 182 people at a wedding. AP News reported that the bomber wore a vest and detonated it while he was standing in the middle of a dancing, clapping crowd. There were about 1,200 people at the wedding.

A local ISIS group claimed responsibility. It is the deadliest attack in Kabul this year.

Pictures of the scene show a destroyed hall and grieving family and friends as bodies were wrapped and placed into wooden caskets.

In separate but related news, the U.S. and the Taliban are now in talks to reach a deal to end the war in Afghanistan. The deal would include a complete withdrawal of about 20,000 U.S. and NATO troops, guarantees from the Taliban that they will not allow foreign armed groups and fighters to use the country to organize attacks, and a permanent ceasefire.

The U.S. envoy in those talks said if they can make an agreement and also have agreements from the Afghan government and other groups in Afghanistan, they can defeat ISIS.

The Afghan government is not involved in the U.S.-Taliban talks because the Taliban has refused to negotiate with them, calling them a “U.S. puppet.”

After the wedding bombing, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani tweeted that the Taliban cannot absolve themselves of blame, for they provide platform for terrorists.”

We can see it’s a very complicated political situation in Afghanistan with several opposing groups who are under great pressure from the 18 years war and terror attacks.


NFL player and audiologist killed in motorcycle accident

Cedric Benson, a former NFL running back and a college football star with the University of Texas Longhorns, died in a motorcycle crash in Austin on Saturday night. He was 36.

A 27-year-old woman who rode with him was also killed. Her name was Aamna Najam and she recently graduated from UT with a doctorate degree in audiology and worked as an audiologist for AnyPlaceMD.

Police said the motorcycle collided with a minivan at an intersection, causing it to burst into flames. There were two people in the minivan and they had non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said the minivan was trying to make a left turn at the intersection when it was hit by the motorcycle.

Police said the motorcycle was traveling at a high rate of speed and there is an investigation. So far police have not indicated that the minivan driver will be charged.

Prior to the accident, Benson posted an image of his BMW sport bike on Instagram with the caption, “My Saturday evening.”

The Austin American-Statesman reported that Benson had a drunken driving charge dismissed on Wednesday after he agreed to plead guilty for a lesser misdemeanor charge.

Benson played for the Chicago Bears, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Green Bay Packers.


Melmira visits Deaf Film Camp CM7


Last week, Melmira visited Deaf Film Camp!


I’m so thrilled to be here at Deaf Film Camp (DFC)! This is the 7th annual event that’s hosted every summer with about 40 campers in attendance. For some of them, it’s their first time coming here and they will learn new skills. Some of them will come here to learn specific skills such as filmmaking, anything to do with film like editing, filming, design and many different aspects. Now all their hard work will be showcased tonight at their very own premiere! We’ll be showing you their films!


I thought that we would just show up, gather and watch some presentations and take classes. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Then I showed up and it’s been a rich experience for me. Now, when I watch movies, I will start trying to figure out their filming strategies then I’ll go back to school and play around with what I’ve learned. I just love this and it’s guaranteed that I’ll be coming back here next year!


You’ve made up your mind!


I know that it’s your 4th time here at DFC so what makes you keep coming back here?!


I think it’s the experience itself where you feel like you have a family here. I see all these people coming together from all over and we keep making more and more friends. For example, I made a friend who came from Sweden about a year ago. We can keep more and more film. We’re passionate about it and we’ll definitely continue making more of these films!


Like she said about ‘family’, it’s like we have a new family when we come here every year. I always feel like we’re family and I absolutely love it! Also, it’s really fueled my creativity when it comes to making films. I’ve won competitions making films and it’s been an inspiration behind my work.


How do you feel, seeing yourself on a movie poster up there?!


I feel really proud that I can exhibit my work with different people. I’ve worked so hard for this. I’m really happy with the role I have now.


Tonight is everyone’s night to shine! People will be watching your film and what reactions do you hope to see from them?


I hope they really enjoy our film.


We’re sure looking forward to it!


Thank you!


How are you feeling seeing your own movie up there on the big screen?!


Seeing my work on the big screen, I feel really proud and I’m happy that my parents are proud of me for this as well. That’s a nice thing to have.


What was your involvement in this movie production?


I was involved in graphic design, animation, editing and as a grip to help and support each other as a team. I’ve accomplished because I learned something new. I’d always specialized in graphic design then I veered into animation and editing. I like learning new things.


Taking on all these roles seem to have led to this movie’s success!


Yeah, thank you.


What do you think of all these films?


I really enjoyed it and it’s my first time here too! I’m really glad that we came. It’s nice to see all their work and they’ve done such a good job considering they had only 2 weeks! Impressive!


Yeah, and I really enjoyed seeing how these kids showcased their creativity and their vision in their movie productions. We can see how amazing their creativity is.


Yes, they’re very impressive indeed.


Guest #DeafBing from Jennifer Tandoc Artist and Julian Moiwai Studio

Here is a Deaf Bing video from Deaf artist Jennifer Tandoc and Deaf filmmaker Julian Moiwai!


Hello! I'm Jennifer [name sign]. Look at my name sign [J9]. There are 9 challenges of being a deaf artist. Take a look at these deaf bings!

I'm thirsty. I'll find something to drink. Hey, hey!

I went to the World Market, and there was a 70% discount!

Wait, hold on. I don't want the pen to dry.

Hey.. 70%...

Anyway, continue.


(phone beeping)

I forgot!

I forgot.


Darn you. I didn't see you.

I've been here for a while.

Really? I was focused.

Darn you.


Oh, hi!

Hi, Malu, what's up?

Hey, I tried to get your attention!

[... the country would end ...]

Hey... movies?



Quit staying there. Let's go to the movies!

Sure, wait. I will finish soon. One second.

See, challenging, right? It doesn't apply to hearing artists only. It applies to us deaf artists, too! Agree? Share away!


Alex: Great video, and I’m honored to be in it! Sorry to take your eyes away from the art, but it’s important to keep up with news, right?

The actor with Tandoc is Matilda Prestano. You can follow Jennifer Tandoc Artist and Julian Moiwai Studio on Facebook, their links are in the transcript.

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