The Daily Moth 8-14-19

Boy finds mastodon fossil in Ohio; Shootout between man and police in Kansas City; Updates on Jeffrey Epstein death; A$AP Rocky convicted of assault by Swedish court; Wolf attacks family in Canada; DOW falls 800 points

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Boy finds mastodon fossil in Ohio

A 12-year-old boy at a family reunion in Ohio was playing in a creek when he found an ancient, gigantic tooth.

His father and uncle went on Google and saw that it could be from a mammoth or mastodon, both large animals with trunks that became extinct about 10,000 years ago.

ABC 5 News in Cleveland reached out to university professors and showed them images of the tooth. They verified that it was a fossil of a mastodon tooth.

The boy’s uncle owns the Inn at Honey Run, where the creek is, and said the tooth was not buried but just laying there.

The boy, Jackson Nies, plans to show off the tooth at school. The uncle hopes the boy will bring it back so he can display it at the inn.


Shootout between man and police in Kansas City

On Tuesday morning in Kansas City, Kansas, there was a shootout on a roadway between police and a man with a AR-15 rifle. The gunman was shot and killed. No police officers were injured.

A police representative told local news that it started at 9:42 in the morning when they got a call from a hotel manager at the Country Inn and Suites. The manager said a heavily armed man came in the hotel and said that he killed his wife and that the manager needed to call the police because he was going to the Legends Outlets.

The hotel manager said the gunman got into a red Maserati and peeled out of the parking lot.

Officers said “they located the subject and he fired at us and we returned fire, he is deceased.”

A video from Fox 4 KC News showed multiple police vehicles on a four-lane roadway with several officers looking at a red sports vehicle.

Fox 4 said the suspect was Charles Roy Pearson, a 51-year-old man. His wife, Sylvia Ann Ussery-Pearson, was reported missing Tuesday morning. Police are still looking for her and said that she left her home on Monday morning and hasn’t returned.

The Legends Outlets was on high alert, but the suspect never went to the shopping center.


Updates on Jeffrey Epstein death

Here are a few updates on Jeffrey Epstein, who died of an apparent suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City on Saturday morning, where he awaited trial for sex trafficking and sexual abuse of underage victims.

The New York Times reported that two staff members who were guarding the jail unit Epstein was in fell asleep, failed to check on him for about three hours, and falsified records to cover up their mistake. They were placed on administrative leave and could face federal criminal charges.

The warden is now temporarily reassigned and their fate will depend on the outcome of several investigations.

Officials told the Times that Epstein hanged himself with a bedsheet, that he likely tied it to the top bunk and pitched himself forward.

Epstein apparently tried to kill himself several weeks ago and was placed on suicide watch for six days, then was taken off suicide watch. On Saturday, he was alone in his cell at the time, which did not follow standard practice for inmates who used to be on suicide watch as they are supposed to be with a cellmate.

CNBC reported that FBI agents raided Epstein’s private island home in the Virgin Islands and took out several electronic devices.

There are also multiple investigations into associates of Epstein who are suspected of helping him to abuse many underage female victims.

Jennifer Araoz (32), who said Epstein raped her when she was 15, has filed a lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxell, three other people, and Epstein’s estate, accusing them of conspiring to bring her to Epstein.


A$AP Rocky convicted of assault by Swedish court

Musician A$AP Rocky was convicted of assault by a Swedish court, but will not face jail time. He and two other performers were accused of beating a 19-year-old man in a street fight. They were jailed for about a month in Sweden, then released and allowed to come to the U.S.

The case gained the attention of U.S. President Donald Trump, who pressured Sweden’s prime minister to release him.

A$AP Rocky said he was acting in self-defense, but a Swedish court said he was not in a situation where they were entitled to self-defense. The court said he kicked and beat the victim.

The three were accused of using broken bottles to injure the victim, but the court said this couldn’t be proven.

The three Americans will have to pay the victim about $1,303 in fines and received two-year suspended sentences. This means they will avoid prison if they do not commit a crime in the two-year period.

A$AP Rocky gave a performance in California after his release and told the crowd that his time in jail was scary and humbling. He is scheduled to be in Finland this Friday for Blockfest.


Wolf attacks family in Canada

A family of four from New Jersey were attacked by a wolf while they were sleeping in a tent at the Banff National Park in Canada. The parents are Elisa and Matt Rispoli and they have two young boys.

The mother said on Friday past midnight, a wolf ripped apart their tent and bit her husband’s arms and hands. The mother laid her body on top of the kids as the father fought with the wolf.

A man who was sleeping in an adjacent campsite, Russ Fee, woke up to the sounds of the family screaming for help. He rushed to their campsite with a lantern and saw the wolf’s rear end sticking out of a destroyed tent.

The wolf was dragging the father’s arm with the mother trying to hold on to his legs.

Fee said he kicked the wolf in its back hip area as hard as he could. The wolf let go of the father and came out of the tent. Fee said when he saw how big the wolf was, he regretted kicking it. He said it was so much larger than any dog he’s ever seen.

But the father, Matt, came out of the tent while bleeding and the two screamed at the wolf and threw rocks at it to force it to move backwards. The family and Fee and his wife ran and hid in Fee’s minivan.

Matt was taken to a hospital to treat bite wounds and lacerations on his hands and arms.

Park officials found the wolf half a mile away and euthanized it. DNA test confirmed it was the same wolf. The campground was closed for a few days but is now reopened.

Veterinary tests of the wolf show that it was in poor condition and likely nearing the end of its natural life span, which could have caused the unusual behavior.

It is very rare for wolves to attack a campsite like this. There are 60,000 wolves in Canada, but a study showed that in a 60-year period dating back from 2002, there were only four incidents where wolves attacked and injured people.


DOW falls 800 points

Today the DOW Jones fell 800 points in the worst day of 2019. It was a 3% drop. Other stock indexes also fell.

What caused this? The bond markets showed that 2 year bonds would bring higher yields than 10 year bonds. This is not normal as 10 year bonds usually bring higher yields because it’s longer term, but the 2 year bonds have a better yield.

Analysts consider to be a signal of a recession in about six to 18 months.

This occurrence is called a “yield curve inversion.”

This was triggered by investors buying more 10 year bonds than usual, bringing down its value and raising the 2 year bonds’ values.

This is a signal that investors predict economic troubles in the near future.

There are concerns of a global economic slowdown because of weak economic reports from Germany and trade concerns with China.


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