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Potential tropical storm developing in the Gulf of Mexico; Teenager stabbed to death at a gas station over rap music; News Briefs: Rip Torn dies at 88; Trump wins DC hotel lawsuit; U.S. Women’s soccer team celebrates; Mother loses large percentage of hearing during pregnancies; World Deaf Basketball recap: Gold for USA men, Bronze for USA women; #DeafBing: Facial Touching

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Potential tropical storm developing in the Gulf of Mexico

There is a storm system in the Gulf of Mexico that is likely to turn into a tropical storm. If it does, it will be named Barry and it will be the second named system of the Atlantic hurricane season.

The storm is forecast to move south, then go into a west-northwest curve and may strengthen into a hurricane before making landfall between the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast on Saturday morning.

Weather forecasters say there may be very heavy, torrential rain in the gulf states that may cause major flooding.

There are already heavy rains and flood emergencies in New Orleans.


Teenager stabbed to death at a gas station over rap music

A 17-year old teenager, Elijah Al-Amin, died in a convenience store after he was stabbed twice by a 27-year old suspect, Michael Adams, who said he was threatened by him because he listened to rap music.

This happened Thursday early morning in Peoria, Arizona. Adams told police that he heard Al-Amin listening to rap music in his car before he entered the store. Adams followed him inside and stabbed him. Al-Amin was able to walk out of the store, but collapsed near the gas pumps and died.

Adams left the store on foot and was arrested. He told police that he felt threatened because he was attacked in the past by black, Hispanic, and Native Americans who listened to rap music. He was charged with first-degree premeditated murder.

Al-Amin is black, and Adams is white. Many people said there needs to be a state and federal hate crime investigation because the killing seems to be based on the victim’s race and choice of music. There is a trending hashtag #JusticeforElijah.

An attorney for Adams said he has mental health issues. He was released from prison just two days prior to the killing. Al-Amin’s family said mental illness is not a sufficient excuse for the murder.


News Briefs: Rip Torn dies at 88; Trump wins DC hotel lawsuit; U.S. Women’s soccer team celebrates

Here are three top news briefs.

The first — actor Rip Torn, who was an actor in films “Men in Black” and “Dodgeball,” passed away at 88 at his home with his wife and two daughters at his side.

He is best known for his role on a 1990’s HBO comedy series, “The Larry Sanders Show.” He won an Emmy award for outstanding supporting actor in 1996.

The second news — ABC News reported that a federal appeals court sided with President Trump in dismissing a lawsuit that accused him of illegally profiting from his Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. by accepting money from foreign governments.

The lawsuit was filed by Maryland and D.C. A district court in Maryland allowed it to go forward, but now it is dismissed.

The third news — the U.S. women’s soccer team celebrated in a victory parade in New York City today. Star player Megan Rapinoe danced and gave a speech in which she discussed the team’s fight for equal pay and said it’s time to come together.

Rapinoe said she still won’t go to the White House and that her teammates feel the same way. She said she didn’t want the (Trump) administration to corrupt their platform and said in an interview with Anderson Cooper that Trump’s message is excluding people.

Rapinoe and the team has accepted an invitation to visit Congress — the U.S. Capitol — with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (NY).

Rip Torn:

Trump DC Hotel:

US Women’s Team:


Mother loses large percentage of hearing during pregnancies

The New York Post did an article on a mother of two from the UK, Kate Llewellyn-Waters, who has a rare condition that causes her ear bones to grow and fuse together during her two pregnancies. This caused her to lose 70% of her hearing.

This is from a genetic condition called otosclerosis. The mother said that she lost 60% of her hearing with her first child in 2013. Her pregnancy hormones triggered the bone growth.

She lost another 10% of her hearing during her second pregnancy.

She said doctors told her that she could get surgery, but she decided against it because there is a risk that she could become completely deaf.

She said her doctors said if she wanted to carry a third child, she could completely lose her hearing, but she doesn’t plan to have a third.

She uses hearing aids and reads lips to communicate with others and with her children.

A NIH article explained that otosclerosis is when one of the bones in the middle ear, called the stapes, is unable to vibrate. This prevents sound from traveling through the ear and into the cochlea.

Over three million Americans have this. Most cases are inherited. White, middle-aged women are most likely to get it.


World Deaf Basketball recap: Gold for USA men, Bronze for USA women

Last week from June 27 to July 6, the 5th World Deaf Basketball (WDB) was hosted in Lublin, Poland. WDB is under Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF), which is sanctioned by the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD).

USA men were one of the 15 participating countries. USA women were one of the 10 participating countries.

The USA men played against Lithuania in the championship match and won gold with a score of 105, Lithuania 77.

Lithuania men’s basketball has won gold for World Deaf Basketball in 2007, 2011, and 2015. So, this is one of the USA men’s proudest moments to defeat Lithuania and win gold for this year. This also means USA men automatically qualifies to participate in the Deaflympics in 2021.

We reached out to the USA men’s head coach Jimmy Newsome for a few words through VP. He said that he is not easily impressed, but this year's team really impressed him with how quickly they were able to learn how to work together. Right now, he is thinking about setting up a summer camp for the youth to get training from the USA men basketball team and also to raise support for the team to go to the Deaflympics.

The USA women played against Turkey for bronze and won with the score 76 to 72.

Greece defeated Lithuania to win the women’s gold.

We noticed that there were comments trending around that the USA women should have won their semifinal match to play in the championship and had a strong enough team to win gold, but that there were some communication issues between the coach and the players.

We reached out to the USA women's coach, Deb Ayres, but have not gotten a response.

USA men's team player Noah Valencia, 20, won the MVP award.

[Image of Noah Valencia winning MVP award]

One cool fact about Valencia is that he got to play with his father, Jeremias Valencia, and his uncle, Steve Valencia-Biskupiak on court. The family trio was able to share the same victory in Poland.

[Image of Valencia trio]

Michael Lizarraga was selected as one of the Best Five All Tournament players for the men. Hannah Neild and Nukeitra Hayes were selected for the women’s Best All Five.

(Images of Lizarraga, Neild, and Hayes)

Neild was also named the top scorer.

Congratulations to the USA men for winning gold and the USA women for winning bronze.

Right now WDB is opening up bids for a country to host the 6th WDB in 2023.


#DeafBing: Facial Touching

Deaf Bing: touching your face while you’re chatting with other people or vlogging.

As you talk, you say, “I think that (touches chin).

(Examples of facial touching)

That is a Deaf Bing. I think it’s similar to how hearing people tend to say “uh” or “um” as they speak. Deaf people don’t fingerspell “uh” or “um” so we touch our faces.

Deaf Bing: facial touching.


That is all for today. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!


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