The Daily Moth 6-17-2019

Off-duty LAPD officer fatally shoots disabled man at Costco; Phoenix police officers aggressively arrest family of 4-year-old girl who stole doll; Comcast launches eye gaze TV remote for people with physical disabilities; World News Briefs: Power outage in Argentina; former Egyptian president dies in court; Iran to ramp up uranium production; 11-year-old boy stops home invader with machete; Deaf Bing from Minnesota

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Off-duty LAPD officer fatally shoots disabled man at Costco

On Friday in Southern California, at a Costco, an off-duty LAPD police officer shot and killed a man that a relative said was nonverbal with an intellectual disability. The officer also shot the man’s parents — both are in the ICU at a hospital.

The officer’s name has not been released. The Corona police department said the officer was shopping while holding his young child and was assaulted by the man, then shot and killed him and injured his parents.

A man who said he was the cousin of the deceased man posted an image of him on Facebook along with his parents. The cousin identified the man as Kenneth French (32). French’s parents look like they are in their 60’s.

The cousin said he would not keep quiet about this and criticized the officer for shooting them all.

It is not yet clear to the public what exactly happened between the officer and the family. The shooting caused a panic with shoppers thinking it was another mass shooting.


Phoenix police officers aggressively arrest family of 4-year-old girl who stole doll

There were viral videos of Phoenix police officers threatening to shoot a couple with small children at an apartment parking lot after the family’s 4-year-old girl stole a doll from a Family Dollar store.

A video showed an officer pushing a man named Dravon Ames up against a police SUV and kicking out his legs.

Another officer is seen pointing his gun towards a woman named lesha Harper, who was inside a vehicle, pregnant, with two young children. The officer threatened to put a cap in her head and commanded Harper to put down a child she was holding in her arms — a 1-year-old.

There were at least 5 officers in total who were very aggressive in their approach towards the family.

Both the adults were arrested while the children were taken away by a female who appears to be a babysitter. Both were detained for a time in police vehicles but released.

This happened during the last week of May. You can watch a captioned video at the link below in the transcript.

Fox News reported that the couple have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of Phoenix for civil rights violations and for injuring them.

The Phoenix Police Department said on Facebook that the driver, Ames, did not follow officers’ commands to stop at the store, that they dropped off another female who had a warrant, and that Ames threw out underwear that he stole from the store.

Phoenix Police Department Chief Jeri Williams said she has started an internal investigation and is disturbed by officers’ language and actions.

Rapper Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation, has offered legal support for the family and said the officers should be fired.

The Phoenix Mayor has apologized, saying the officers’ actions were unacceptable, inappropriate, and unprofessional.



Comcast launches eye gaze TV remote for people with physical disabilities

Comcast announced they have launched a web-based remote that allows people with spinal cord injuries or diseases that limit their mobility to change the channel using their eyes.

Comcast posted a video of a 30-year-old disabled man, Jimmy Curran, using a tablet to choose channels, search for channels, or change his settings only using his eye gaze.

Curran said it feels liberating to be independent and not have to depend on others to control the television.

This special remote, called the X1 Eye Control, is only for Xfinity X1 customers and will work with whatever eye gaze or “sip-and-puff” technology the customer uses for other purposes — it will work with the remote.


World News Briefs: Power outage in Argentina; former Egyptian president dies in court; Iran to ramp up uranium production

Here are three world news briefs.

The first — yesterday there was a massive power outage that affected millions of people in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, as well as parts of Chile and southern Brazil. The electricity grid is connected, so the outage was widespread.

It started about 7 a.m. yesterday morning. Without electricity, public transportation was halted, internet and phone access were disrupted, and access to water was cut off. Power finally went back on last night.

There is an investigation on what happened.

The second news — Egypt’s former president, Mohammed Morsi, died after he fainted in a courtroom. He was 67.

He was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now banned in Egypt. He became Egypt’s first democratically elected leader in 2012 but was removed from office one year later by the country’s army during massive protests against him.

Morsi has been in prison since then, being accused of working with Hamas in Palestine. His son said Egypt killed him in a slow death by denying him medical access and by restricting outside contact with him.

The third news — Iran said they will continue to produce uranium and go past their stockpile limits that was agreed upon in the 2015 nuclear deal under the Obama administration that President Trump pulled out from last year.

European countries have tried to get Iran to stay within their limits, but Iran said they will continue to produce uranium. Iran also wants to make their uranium enrichment purity up to 20%, which would allow them to produce nuclear weapons.

This announcement comes after increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran in relation to mysterious attacks against oil tankers.


11-year-old boy stops home invader with machete

On Friday in Mebane, North Carolina, a 11-year-old boy, Brayton Smith, stopped a man who broke into his family home by swinging a machete at his head.

Police said the home intruder suspect, Jataveon D. Hall (19), went to the boy’s home with a woman and another man. The boy was alone at home. The suspect broke a window to get inside, took a pellet rifle that belonged to the homeowner, and pointed it at the boy while telling him to go in a bedroom closet.

The boy said he knew the gun was not loaded. He got out of the closet, grabbed a machete, and hit him in the back of his head. The suspect hit back, tried to steal a TV and a video game, but left the house with the two others when he realized he was bleeding.

Police told local hospitals to be on the lookout for a man with a head injury. The suspect went into a hospital on Friday night and police was alerted. But the suspect was transferred to another hospital in Chapel Hill and managed to walk out overnight before police could make an arrest.

Someone informed police that the suspect was with his mother in her apartment 40 miles away. He was arrested on Sunday and faces several charges including breaking and entering and kidnapping.

The boy said he uses the machete to chop down trees.


Deaf Bing from Minnesota

Transcript: I’m here at the Minnesota Deaf school in Faribault. I met a 8th grade student, Laela, who has a good Deaf Bing to share.

Laela: It is when people meet Alex, they tend to tell him a Deaf Bing.

Alex: That. Deaf bing tell me a Deaf Bing. Thank you. That’s right.


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