The Daily Moth 5-9-2019

Colorado school shooting victim: Kendrick Castillo, the “hero”; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announces their son’s name; Kentucky teen who sued over school vaccination ban gets chickenpox; Political News Briefs: New tensions between U.S. and North Korea; Senate committee subpoenas Donald Trump Jr.; Snake bites man’s face; Deaf indigenous women take part in #MMIW rallies

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Colorado school shooting victim: Kendrick Castillo, the “hero”

Yesterday we shared news related with the Colorado school shooting and mentioned one student who died, Kendrick Castillo (18). Now more information has been released about Kendrick and we learned that he was a hero. He lunged at one of the shooters and a shooter shot at him.

Kendrick’s classmates mentioned that Kendrick was one of the nicest people at school. He always helped everyone out whether he knew the person or not. Kendrick’s father, John, explained that he remembered a conversation he had between them about what he would do if someone showed up and had a gun. Kendrick responded to John that he would not think twice but will try to save others if he can. John never expected for this to become a reality. Kendrick kept his word. When this incident happened, he lunged at the gunman which saved many other students’ lives because what he did gave time for other students to hide.

Kendrick’s father said he does not know what to do or how to go on without Kendrick in his life. Kendrick had only three days left of school before he could graduate and pursue his passion in electrical engineering.

Yesterday both suspects appeared in court. Devon Erickson (18) is one of the two suspects (the shooters). He faces 28 murder-related charges. The second suspect is Maya McKinney (16), but he goes by male pronouns, and his lawyer said his name is “Alec.” Alec faces murder charges as well and could be tried as an adult.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announces their son’s name

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the name of their newborn son. His name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Buckingham Palace told CNN that the parents decided not to use any title for their son. Archie has the right to use his father’s second rank title, Earl of Dumbarton, but his parents made it clear that they won’t use that title for Archie. Archie is 7th in line to the throne.

Meghan did want to have a home birth, but it has been widely reported, but not yet confirmed by the palace, that Archie ended up being born in a London hospital. More details will be confirmed by the palace.

Archie is Queen Elizabeth II’s 8th great-grandchild.


Kentucky teen who sued over school vaccination ban gets chickenpox

In Kentucky, a 18-year old high school student, Jerome Kunkel, who sued the state’s health department in March for banning him from going to school because he did not get a chickenpox vaccine, is now sick with chickenpox.

His attorney confirmed that he has the disease, but said that he and his family have no regrets about not getting vaccinated because they have strong religious beliefs.

Kunkel lost the first round of his lawsuit in April when a judge sided with the Kentucky health department, but he and his attorney said they would appeal and continue to fight.

The school Kunkel went to is the Assumption Academy, a small Catholic school in Walton.

In March there was an outbreak of chickenpox. At least 32 students got the disease.

The Kentucky department of health intervened by establishing a policy of banning unvaccinated students for three weeks. The order is what sparked the lawsuit, and now Kunkel has chickenpox.


Political News Briefs: New tensions between U.S. and North Korea; Senate committee subpoenas Donald Trump Jr.

Here are two political news briefs.

The first — North Korea launched two short-range missiles today, which is the second test this week. The U.S. tested a long-range ICBM missile from California 10 minutes after their test. President Trump said nobody is happy about the North Korean missile launches.

In separate but related news, the U.S. Justice Department announced today that they have seized a large North Korean cargo vessel, named “Wise Honest,” because it violated international sanctions by illegally carrying coal and heavy machinery for import into North Korea. The ship was already seized last year in Indonesia, but now the U.S. has possession of it.

The second news — The Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R) issued a subpoena for Donald Trump, Jr. They want him to answer questions about his previous testimony about the Russia investigation. It is the first Congressional subpoena for one of President Trump’s children.

President Trump said he was very surprised by this and that his son is a very good person. He said that Mueller report said there was no collusion and that Trump Jr. did nothing wrong.

Multiple Republicans in Congress have criticized Burr for authorizing this subpoena.


Snake bites man’s face

In Lawton, Oklahoma, a man, Jerel Heywood, walked up to his friend, Rodney Copeland’s doorbell and got an unexpected surprise. There was a snake wrapped around the porch light that jumped and bit his face. His friend’s doorbell camera captured the whole thing.

His friend took Jerel to the hospital and found that the snake was not poisonous and he would be okay.

Unfortunately, not for the snake. Rodney’s wife started screaming after Jerel got bitten by the snake, her cries attracted their neighbor who brought a hammer and killed the snake. Rodney said it was the first time he saw a snake in his home, but he thinks the snake was trying to find refuge from heavy rain.


Deaf indigenous women take part in #MMIW rallies

Several Deaf Native American and Indigenous women and allies took part in rallies in different cities to raise awareness and demand action on missing and murdered indigenous women. The movement’s hashtag is #MMIW.

Sarah Bear Young-Brown:

I’m here at a MMIW rally. MMIW stands for missing and murdered indigenous women. We are here and gathered to honor and remember our sisters who remain missing or are murdered.

ChanaupaWaste Win/Rachel Kills Small:

Hello, I’m in a MMIW rally. Look.

Native interpreter:

Women are sacred. Women are alive. Women are sacred. Women are alive.


The Daily Moth reached out to ChanaupaWaste Win, who was a part of a march in Colorado on Sunday. I asked her to share more information about MMIW.

ChanaupaWaste Win/Rachel Kills Small:

There is a very high rate of indigenous women who are missing and murdered. It’s underreported, such as this… there was 5,712 cases in 2016, but only 116 were reported in the Department of Justice database.

There was one incident in my family. My family lost my cousin named Jessie Waters. She was three months pregnant and issued a restraining order against her boyfriend. But something happened. She was killed. She was run over and died. And there was no justice for her. My family is still fighting for justice for her and her unborn baby. It’s really hit my family hard.

[Image of Jessie Waters, who passed away in 2015]

There was a bad situation with domestic violence. She was run over and left behind. There was no justice. Police only arrested him for setting her home trailer on fire. That’s it. No murder charges. My family kept on fighting for her justice, for Jessie and her baby, Jesse.

On a reservation, it can be hard with jurisdiction. It can be confusing. There are less police officers as well. In cities, it is very dangerous for indigenous women, for sure.

To deaf indigenous women all over, stay in touch with your family and friends. If you’re in a DV situation, run away. Protect yourself by being around people. And I hope you spread MMIW awareness to increase awareness in our world and… to have a better database to make it easier for police and law enforcement to reduce MMIW and give justice to missing and murdered indigenous people, just like I want justice for my cousin Jessie Waters and her baby.


Thank you for sharing. Clearly, it is a very personal issue to her and it is one of the reasons why many people are demanding changes in our criminal justice system.

On Tuesday, May 7, at least four U.S. Senators spoke on the Senate floor about MMIW.

[Clips of Sen. Tom Udall, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, Sen. Patty Murray, and Sen. Tina Smith’s remarks on the floor]

Their remarks were a part of speeches to push the Senate, led by Republicans, to take a vote on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VACA).


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