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Top News Briefs: UK Prime Minister May resigns; Mt. Everest deaths; Weinstein settlement; Political News Briefs: Trump vs Pelosi; 1,500 troops to Middle East; $19B aid package blocked; HHS removes transgender protections; 102-year-old woman suspected of murdering 92-year-old in French retirement home; New “Signing Starbucks” opens in Guangzhou, China; Interview with Deaf Syrian actor from Netflix’s “Black Summer”

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Top News Briefs: UK Prime Minister May resigns; Mt. Everest deaths; Weinstein settlement

Here are three top news briefs.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May announced in an emotional speech that she will resign because she couldn’t get the country’s lawmakers to agree on a Brexit deal. She said being the second female prime minister was the honor of her life. There is now a race for her replacement, who will try to solve the Brexit puzzle.

The second news — a total of seven people died on Mt. Everest this week. Three died yesterday. Some have blamed it on heavy human traffic near the peak, which forces climbers to wait for hours in the “Death Zone,” where every breath only brings in 1/3 the normal amount oxygen and the human body starts to break down with cells dying. But regardless of the potential causes of death, Everest has always been a deadly place for climbers.

The third news — There are reports that Harvey Weinstein has reached a tentative settlement deal of $44 million with women who accused him of sexual assault. NPR said the money is from insurance policies. Weinstein still faces a criminal rape case in New York. He used to be a powerful Hollywood film executive until the fall of 2017, which is when there were multiple news reports accusing him of being a sexual predator.





Political News Briefs: Trump vs Pelosi; 1,500 troops to Middle East; $19B aid package blocked; HHS removes transgender protections

Here are four political news briefs.

The first — the feud between President Trump and Speaker Pelosi has continued to ramp up since Pelosi said Trump was engaged in a cover-up on Wednesday. Yesterday Pelosi said she wishes Trump’s family or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country. Trump responded by saying that Pelosi is “Crazy Nancy” and that he is an extremely stable genius. This feels like a repeat of their feud in January during the government shutdown and the delayed State of the Union speech. But this time around the main issue is impeachment.

The second news — the U.S. military will send 1,500 military troops to the Middle East. Their mission will to be to protect U.S. forces already there and to maintain freedom of navigation. There have been increased tensions with Iran in the Persian Gulf region.

The third news — yesterday the U.S. Senate approved a $19 billion disaster aid package that was to help Puerto Rico, Southern states impacted by last fall’s hurricanes, Midwestern states going through flooding, and areas in California impacted by fires. It was expected to easily pass through the House, but was blocked by Texas Rep. Chip Roy ( R) who objected against it because it was not paid for and did not include President Trump’s $4.5 billion request for the crisis on the U.S. border. Now this aid package will be delayed until June because most lawmakers have already left for the holiday weekend.

The fourth news — the Department of Health and Human Services plans to remove gender identity from the class of people who are protected from discrimination in health care. Current law prohibits discrimination based on people’s race, color, national origin, disability, sex, and age. In 2016, the Obama administration said “sex” includes gender identity, which was meant to protect transgender people. But there were two lawsuits that blocked this change, and with this action by the Trump administration, gender identity won’t count as a protected class.



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102-year-old woman suspected of murdering 92-year-old in French retirement home

In France, a 102-year-old woman is suspected of murdering a 92-year-old woman who lived next door to her at a retirement home.

BBC News reported that the 102-year-old suspect is now in a psychiatric hospital after she said she killed someone.

The 92-year-old’s body was found in her bed after midnight on Saturday. She died from strangulations and blows to the head.

There are now psychiatric tests on the suspect to determine if she was criminally responsible for her actions.


New “Signing Starbucks” opens in Guangzhou, China

A new signing Starbucks has recently opened. The first one was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 2nd one was in Washington, DC. The 3rd one is where? Guangzhou, China.

[Clip of Deaf Chinese staffers at the Guangzhou “Signing Starbucks” store]

Inside the store, there are designs on Starbucks postcards, tote bags, and notebooks. The designs were made by a Deaf artist, Jiayi Zhou is a graphic designer who works at Shanghai East International Medical Center in Shanghai. However, the wall artwork that is inside the coffeeshop was done by a hearing person. Zhou, who checked with the signing Starbucks manager and Yan Liu, who is from China, but lives in USA who checked with the Guangzhou Association of the Deaf, both confirmed that it was done by a hearing artist.

The Daily Moth reached out to Zhou to share her story about how she was able to get her artwork on the postcards, tote bags, and notebooks.

Jiayi Zhou: Hello, my name is Jiayi Zhou. I feel very honored to show my artwork in the first Signing Starbucks store in China. Last month Starbucks in Guangzhou (this is the sign) wanted to start the first signing store in China. They looked for Deaf people’s artwork. One person reached out to me and I sent my resume and my art portfolio. After a while, I was selected. They were very interested in my work, which have Deaf culture and sign language. We brainstormed on ideas and decided on three things: the signs for “brave,” “equality,” and “integration.” I eventually finished the project and submitted it. On Sunday, May 19, it was their opening ceremony. Many people attended and it was very positive. It is very exciting because it shows society that Deaf people can do everything except hear. It shows the beauty of sign language and our unique Deaf culture. If you ever visit China, please go and support the deaf Starbucks.

Zhou mentioned that this selection process happened just a month ago. Zhou gave birth to twins who are now 8 months so it was a challenge for her to juggle the time frame with work, babies, and designing the artwork. She is thrilled that her work was selected.

Zhou also mentioned that she feels like this is a new hope for the Deaf community in China. She did her studies in the USA and then returned to China. Zhou appreciated the accessibility for deaf people here in USA because the accessibility for deaf people in China is a struggle. So, when this signing Starbucks store opened, Zhou felt inspired that change is possible in China.

Thank you Zhou for sharing your story. Now, are you curious to see what China’s sign for Starbucks?

Zhou: I want to teach you how to sign “Starbucks” in Chinese Sign Language. (Signs “Starbucks” in CSL). Cheers!

Cool! So make sure when you’re in Guangzhou, you stop by their signing Starbucks!

Now, we need more signing Starbucks. Where do you think the next location should be?


Interview with Deaf Syrian actor from Netflix’s “Black Summer”

A Deaf Syrian man, Mustafa Alabessi, had a major role in the first three episodes of Netflix’s zombie drama, “Black Summer.” His character was a Deaf man named Ryan.

Alabessi moved to Canada three years ago as a refugee. He currently lives in Regina, Saskatchewan.

He honed his acting skills with a Deaf acting collective, “Deaf Crows,” which is known across Canada.

Here is the interview.

Alex: You have an acting role on Netflix’s “Black Summer” in three episodes.

Mustafa Alabessi: Yes!

Alex: How did you get this role?

Alabessi: How? Okay, a while ago I was in an audition and had some practice. There were some directors, four men, who asked me questions on my acting experience. I didn’t know English at the time and was taught ASL. They told me what to do and I acted out roles on video. It was sent to others, who watched it and they selected me.

Alex: Did you feel inspired and honored that you were selected?

Alabessi: Absolutely. It was my first time. I’ve never done something like this and it was awesome. There was a female star and I was starstruck.

[Instagram post by @Jaime_King. It shows an image of four actors including Alabessi. The caption says, “First episode of #BlackSummer for @netflix complete!!!! So proud of our cast and crew!!!!! My friend Mustafa on the right is a Syrian refugee who made it to Canada a year ago. He is representing the deaf community with incredible heart and fearless acting. To step onto a set after just learning American Sign Language and diving right in has taught me what true love and understanding means. It is his first time acting ever and has shared lessons with us that will forever change us. Far more than we could ever ask for. Thank you Mustafa (flower emoji) Please follow him at @mustafaalabssi (heart emoji)”]

Alabessi: I was able to interact with her with an interpreter, who was really nice and talented. We were able to chat. I really enjoyed it.

Alex: You moved from Syria as a refugee to Canada. How do you feel when you think of your family and friends?

Alabessi: Oh yes. I have my parents, family, and many friends, maybe a thousand of them. We communicated in sign language. I really miss them. They are struggling, there is no food, and there is war. But they are fine and safe. I don’t have contact with them, though. I don’t know their contacts. I’m lucky to be here in Canada and I have ASL and Deaf culture, I’m able to chat with others. I appreciate it very much.

Alex: What are your dreams in the future?

Alabessi: My dream is to continue acting. I really want to have a golden statue and hold it. That is my desire.

Alex: Thank you for your time. He’s got big goals. I hope to do a news report later about him winning one of those golden trophies.

Alabessi said he credits Deaf Crows and Apple Time, a stage performance group within the collective, with giving him an opportunity to experience acting and learn from peers. He said he hopes to see more Deaf actors on the big screen.

You can watch “Black Summer” on Netflix. It is rated TV-MA. Alabessi’s character uses ASL and signs, but his parts are silent and is not captioned.

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