The Daily Moth 5-2-2019 (Full Story)


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Tiger Woods to visit the White House next week

Golf champion Tiger Woods won his 5th Masters in April and has been invited to the White House next week. After Woods’ win, President Donald Trump tweeted a congratulations to Woods for his historic win. Trump also mentioned that he would be presenting Woods with a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

It seems that Trump is a long time fan of Woods because they paired up with another person named Nicklaus in Florida to golf together last February.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom award is one of the highest civilian honors in the USA. Woods becomes the 4th golfer to receive that award. He will be awarded this coming Monday at the White House.

Half a million of bees killed in Texas

In Alvin, Texas, someone burned at least 20 beehives killing around 500,000 to 600,000 bees including queen bees. Some of the beehive boxes have been tossed in a nearby pond. For each colony there is about 30,000 bees.

One of the beekeepers said it was heartbreaking to see this loss.

This was discovered last Saturday morning and now police are looking for who did this.

The Brazoria County Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for whoever finds the person that did this and the beekeepers association is also offering $1,000 reward and donations to help recover the loss.

Australian researchers find antidote for world’s most venomous creature

The world's most venomous creature, Australian box jellyfish, carries enough venom to kill more than 60 people. Finally an antidote (medicine to stop the poison) has been discovered.

The Australian box jellyfish sting can cause severe pain and skin necrosis and if the venom is large enough, can cause cardiac arrest and death within minutes.

Researchers at the University of Sydney said this is a “molecular antidote” that helps block the symptoms if applied to skin within 15 minutes. However further research is needed to see if this antidote will also stop a cardiac arrest.

First this was tested with human cells outside of the body, it was a success. Then this was tested on live mice and was a success too. Scientists now want to develop a topical application for humans.


Educational assistant at Ontario Deaf school charged with sexual assault of minor

On Monday, local news in Milton, Ontario reported that a 31-year old deaf woman who works at the Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf, Cassandra Bell, was arrested on April 26 and charged with sexual assault and sexual interference of a minor.

A media release from the Halton Regional Police Service said “the offences are alleged to have taken place between July 2018 and January 2019.”

Police also said that the “alleged offences relate to a current student.”

They have asked anybody who might have additional information to share it with them.

CHCH news shared a statement from the Ministry of Education, who oversees ECD. They said the employee is currently suspended pending the investigation.

CHCH also shared a letter from the ECD principal that was sent out to parents. The school said they understand that this may be upsetting and that they have several services for emotional support.

The Daily Moth reached out to Bell. She declined to comment.


Deaf woman donates kidney to childhood best friend

In Pennsylvania, a Deaf woman, Shelley Gunnip (49) decided to donate her kidney to save the life of her childhood best friend, Rose Rau (51), who is also Deaf.

The operation was a few weeks ago. Here is an interview.


So, Shelly, was it an easy or a hard decision for you to proceed with the donation?


It was easy. Easy.


She was really excited about it.


I felt good about it and she felt better.


Yes, I feel much better. There’s a big difference.


Rose, what were your feelings, your reaction when she told you she would donate her kidney to you? How did that make you feel?


Oh, I felt…I was crying so much. I was happy, there were mixed emotions. I was shocked. We hugged each other and cried and cried. So emotional.


You said you were emotional when you met after the surgery? Could you describe that experience?


Yes. Okay. They did my surgery first then two hours later, it was her turn. They took the kidney out of me and put it into her then they sent me to the recovery room where I waited. After she spent time with her family, she had her surgery. I waited for a few hours then finally I moved onto on a wheelchair so I could visit her in the other room…


Really, when I woke up, I was really emotional. I cried a lot because I was worried about her. I wanted to know if she was alright. I wanted to see her and she wanted to see me.

Then they told us to come out. See the video.

[Video clips of the two meeting each other after the surgery, holding hands, clearly emotional]


Are you two now feeling good? Have you been healing well?




A little sore, but we’re good.


A little sore, but I’m feeling great. More energetic and more active than I used to be. I was always sick and exhausted. Now, I’m full of energy.


If you notice this shirt, her family and my family have had tons of support. They all wore this shirt hoping and praying for success. It ended up being successful.

[Group picture of family and friends wearing “Team Rosey” tshirts with green ribbons]

Her face and her skin seem to have changed.


Everyone’s been saying that I look better and healthier now. I used to be pale and my skin was off. I feel better.


You were always tired and dizzy from the dialysis.




She was making trips every other day getting her dialysis and all those injections hurt. Now, look at her.


People can’t tell if I had the transplant. I would tell them I just had one three weeks prior.

They’d be like, “What?!”

I’m driving now.


[Image of the two smiling and holding a cake]


We want to thank everyone including our friends and families for making these shirts, wristbands and everything. For their support and love.

Their love, support and prayers for us has been incredible. We’re thankful to everyone.


Alex: What a touching and inspiring story. Thank you, Shelley and Rose, for sharing.


Guest #DeafBing “Overly Polite Hearies”

Here is a video by Judy Cano sharing a funny memory of how hearing people can be overly polite.


I remember this one time my friends and I went this one small town. There were many small shops that we visited including crafts, vintage shops and many different shops.

Anyways, when we went into this one store and looked around, that kind of store wasn’t really my and my girlfriend’s thing. We weren’t that interested, but everyone else was so that’s why we went. When we left the store, at the time we were smoking. I’m a bad girl. Anyhow, when we left, I…I don’t know what it’s called…a breezeway. It’s almost like that. There was a wall under a canopied entryway and benches set up alongside it and another row set up on the other side of canopy. People would walk between these benches. It was so pretty outside.

It was on this path that people would walk into the front door. My friends and I sat on the benches opposite of each other. People would walk in and out between us which didn’t bother us. We kept on chatting. It was interesting because after we chatted, it started to feel strange because it became so quiet.

We started to look up and oops! There were hearing people were lined up, a lot of them, maybe 15 or 20, I don’t know. They looked at us, so unsure of themselves, and spoke, “Excuse me”.

We just motioned for them to proceed and then they all went piling into the store.

Wow, they were the politest people I’d ever seen. Most people would just walk by minding their own business, but they held themselves up.

I decided to move and sit by my friends. Wow, I’ve never experienced that. That was maybe 20-25 years ago. Ever since that day, it’s never happened again.

It was interesting.


Alex: Wow, it’s like when two Deaf people chat to each other, there is some kind of invisible gate blocking others.

Thank you for sharing, Judy!


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