Tate Tullier’s Instagram account deactivated

[Transcript] Tate Tullier, who is one of the most well-known Deaf photographers out there, had his Instagram account @tatephoto taken down on Tuesday. There is a petition with over 1,800 signatures to bring it back.

The Instagram account was filled with images of his signature “Tub Time with Tate,” which featured people posing nude in a tub.

There were no private parts exposed, but the poses often pushed boundaries in the name of art. You could compare it with images from ESPN’s “The Body Issue.”

Tullier told “The Daily Moth” that in the past, he had images reported here and there with specific posts taken down. He said he always tried to abide by Instagram’s rules on female nipples, genitals, or close up buttock shots.

Tullier said he is really “bummed” because he had 58,000 followers and met many of his own subjects, both deaf and hearing, on Instagram.

Clare Cassidy, who Tullier describes as a “good friend and fellow photographer,” started a change.org petition called “get Tate Tullier’s artistic feed back on instagram @tatephoto.”

Tullier tweeted yesterday that he was able to appeal his disabled account and that he received an email saying someone would get back to him. He expressed gratitude to those who supported him.

You can follow Tullier on Twitter @tatephoto for updates.


Petition: https://bit.ly/2kW3RTl


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