Study Connects Daily Use of Cannabis With Higher Rates of Psychosis


In Europe, new research was published that studied the connection between daily cannabis use and an increased risk of psychosis. 

Psychosis is a severe mental condition where someone loses touch with reality. 

901 individuals from 12 major cities, most in Europe and one in Brazil, were part of the study. They were individuals that used mental health services and researchers looked at their history of cannabis use and other recreational drugs. 

The researchers concluded that those who used any type of cannabis daily were 3 times more likely to get a diagnosis of psychosis compared to those who never used cannabis. 

Those who used high potency cannabis were 4-5 times more likely. “High potency” refers to cannabis products that has over 10 percent THC, which is the chemical that gives users the “high.” 

The research showed that those who started using cannabis at the age of 15 or lower have a higher risk than those who started later.

The strongest links between cannabis use and psychosis were in Paris, London and Amsterdam where the THC concentration were the highest and most commonly available. 

There has been similar studies in the past, but they weren’t reliable enough because the test populations were not large enough until now.

However, this study shows only a connection, but does not prove that heavy cannabis use is directly linked to psychosis.