New anchor Renca Dunn; updates on captioning on Moth videos; and new t-shirt for sale


An update: “The Daily Moth” will have a new news reporter who will sign news daily, Renca Dunn. She has substituted for me in the past and I think she has done a great job. I’ve always wanted to expand “The Daily Moth” to have more people on this team and this is a step.

Renca Dunn: Thank you Alex! I am excited to be part of The Daily Moth team and to support the vision for this team to grow in the future. I look forward working with Alex to deliver you daily news! 

Alex: Thank you, Renca, for taking on this role! I look forward to her contributions to “The Daily Moth” and to the community. 

The second update is about captioning. Last week I added burned-in subtitles. I’ve received a good amount of feedback about that. A large number of people did not like it because they preferred to watch it without any captions and felt that it was distracting. Another group of people said they liked the captions and were happy about it. So after thinking about this, I am simply going to allow you to make the decision, to turn them on or off. If you don’t want it, turn it off. If you want it, turn it on. I’m going to go back to before, allowing you to choose, and not burn it in. 

We still might post videos with burned-in captions for other social platforms, but on Facebook and YouTube, you can turn them on or off. You can also read transcripts in the comments or on 

The third update is about new t-shirts. We made a new design!

[Images of new t-shirt]

Nice, right? Those are printed by Inka’s Screen Printing, which was founded and run by Randy Pituk, an Austin-area Deaf business owner. Those t-shirts are $20 each. Go to the store on to buy yours. We also sell other t-shirts and coffee mugs.