Michigan School for the Deaf seeking full-time principal

[Transcript] The Michigan School for the Deaf has posted a job opening for a permanent, full-time principal. This process is now closely looked at by parents, students, and stakeholders of MSD, who have protested and appeared in town halls in recent weeks to criticize the school for allowing staff who are not fluent in ASL to take leadership positions.

The job posting requires someone to have at least a master’s degree in a field of education, two years of experience as a certified teacher, and has to be “proficient in American Sign Language and written English.” The salary is between $60,000 and $90,000.

Christian Young, a Daily Moth contributor, was able to collect statements from several organizations on this search.

The Michigan Deaf Association said they are committed in collaborating with the MSD, MSD Alumni Association, the NAD, the Office of Special Education throughout the process. They want someone who is culturally and linguistically appropriate.

A group called “MSD Parents for Change” said they are concerned and feels there is a lack of respect that the job posting only requires two years of teaching experience — they said it should require at least five years plus two years of administrative level experience.

Here are some brief statements from the MSD community that Young filmed.


We want to sign and chat with our principal.


It’s very, very important that the principal is able to interact with every child, parent, employee or any person that comes into the principal’s office. Especially with deaf people, the principal must be able to effectively communicate with each one of them.


I want support for an ASL fluent principal at MSD.


What I’ve always wanted to see in a principal is not just having some success as a deaf school, but also an undying commitment to see this school truly thrive. That’s what MSD really needs.


Our deaf community expects to have a principal to have meaningful experience with deaf culture and working in a deaf school.

Alex: Thank you all for sharing. The link to the application is below in the transcript.



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