Man charged with murdering Deaf Kansas City man Matthew Calkins

Here is a major update on the murder of Deaf Kansas City man Matthew Calkins. reported that Colton Stock, who lived at the home where Calkins’ body was found after a fire, was charged with killing Calkins, dismembering his body, and setting it on fire.

The report said an autopsy determined that Calkins was shot twice. Court documents said some parts of his body are unaccounted for.

Yesterday The Daily Moth explained in a report that on May 5, there were reports of gunfire at Stock’s home and when police arrived, they saw that the basement was burning, then found the body afterwards. The reported gunshots was not related to Calkins, but to another man who said Stock tried to kill him after he went in the basement to look at a motorcycle.

Stock was charged with assault in relation to the other man, and now he is charged with murdering Calkins. It is not known his motive.

He is in the Clay County jail with a $1 million cash only bond.

During my interview yesterday with Chad Nystrom, who is a long-time friend of Calkins, he said that Calkins often went to Stock’s basement.