LIVE: Hurricane Dorian; Mavrick Fisher / Grant Whitaker Murder Case Updates

Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth! It is Thursday, August 29 I’m going LIVE with two news about the hurricane and the Mavrick Fisher / Grant Whitaker case. I’ll direct my eyes to the notes here from time to time.


Hurricane Dorian predicted to hit Florida as a Category 4 storm 

Hurricane Dorian is forecast to become a powerful and dangerous Category 4 storm and strike the Florida East Coast on Monday. The eye of the storm could hit anywhere from the Georgia coast down to Miami.

The hurricane is is currently a Category 1 with 85 mph winds. It is forecast to turn into a Category 4 on Sunday somewhere near the Bahamas. By then we’ll know exactly where it’ll go.

It is forecast to have about 130 mph winds, which would make it the most powerful hurricane to strike Florida since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. So it’s very serious. Those of you who live on the Florida coast or in Georgia should start thinking about leaving.

The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind announced that all students would go home today. There were some students who went home yesterday. Classes are cancelled on Friday. 

It could slice across Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico, and continue its spiral. So those of you on the Gulf Coast should keep an eye on it next week. It’s a very concerning storm.


Updates with Mavrick Fisher / Grant Whitaker Murder Case

Here are some updates with the Mavrick Fisher / Grant Whitaker murder case.

Mavrick is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for the first time. It will be an arraignment hearing at the Lake County Superior Court’s Lakeport Division.

I was told by a source familiar with the court schedule that it will be at 1:30 pm PST and that hearing (regular) interpreters will be provided. There might be an assessment to determine if Mavrick needs CDIs.

The court/judge will tell him what his constitutional rights are, what his charge is, and appoint him a counsel if he applied for a public defender and qualify. I do not know if he will request one or has secured a private attorney.

Mavrick and whoever is his legal representative will have their first opportunity to enter a plea (not guilty, guilty, or no contest, which is similar to a guilty plea.) It depends on the attorney on what exactly they will do.

The court is less than 10 miles away from where the human remains of what is believed to be Grant Whitaker was discovered on Monday. An autopsy was performed yesterday and a representative from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office told me that the positive identification for the remains might come in by next week or in two weeks.


That is all for now, the hurricane and the court. See you tomorrow and stay with the light!