John Maucere featured in United commercial

Deaf comedian and actor John Maucere was featured in a United commercial with a flight attendant, Courtney, who knew ASL.

[First clip of commercial -- pick parts that show Maucere with flight attendant]

The Daily Moth reached out to Maucere to share how he got on the commercial.

[First clip of interview, 0:00 to 0:33]

JOHN MAUCERE: So here’s how it started back in January, I decided to thank this person, and how he did such a great job, on my flight from London to Los Angeles? Did you see that video? I wanted to show my gratitude and asked him if I could post the video on my Facebook. He said, Sure!

So I posted it…

The video was getting around until this one person reached out to me asking why I don’t caption my videos. I’m clueless when it comes to using computer, but they said they could create a transcript for me to add to my post. I said, “Sure and I’ll give you credit!”.

Bam, the transcript is posted.

[Show original Facebook post -- link below]

[Second clip of interview, 0:34 to end]

MAUCERE: Then boom, the video was starting to go viral.

And then United reached out to me and that was a surprise for me. They liked the story about me and the flight attendant Courtney. We started to really talk it and as a result, we created this video.

Who’s that person I’m talking about? I want to acknowledge him and thank him…

Benjamin Lewis. I thank him and now moving forward, if you are a hearing person who put in effort in learning ASL, interacting with people with positive attitudes, you should look at each other in the eyes and say, “Thank you”.

Or ask them if you can post their videos on social media with their permission.

When that video was posted, the captioning part was done by who can caption for you and give you more recognition.

More importantly, be sure to hashtag #AmericanSignLanguage, #signlanguage for the international sign languages and #Thankyou.

Yeah…thank you.

Alex: Thank you, Maucere, for sharing.

In the commercial, there was a neat part where Courtney went to visit a comedy show by Maucere. The audience had several well-known Deaf actors in it.

[Second clip of commercial -- pick parts that show stand up comedy show and the hug between Maucere and Courtney and the group picture at the end]

It’s a nice feature of a Deaf United customer and the value of employees who know ASL. We can take Maucere’s advice to acknowledge hearing employees who can sign, and feature them on our social media. You never know, you might end up being in a commercial.

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