Is EYES a word? Deaf teacher’s prank goes viral.


A Deaf teacher from Minnesota, Jo Sward, posted a funny video prank on a co-teacher, Audra McCorkle. The video went viral on Facebook. I’ll show you the clip and then comments from the two. 

[Video clip of prank]

Alex: I asked Sward how did he come up with the prank. 

Sward: How did I get the idea? I was watching a video on YouTube and saw this prank with hearing people. I thought I’d try this with deaf people to give a Deaf perspective. It worked with Audra. I laughed so hard. 

Alex: I asked McCorkle what happened in her mind, how did she forget that “EYES” is a word? 

McCorkle: Really, I was so focused on the word, “yes.” I kept on thinking “eyes” was an abbreviation such as e-mail or e something. So I kept on thinking of words it could stand for such as “extra yes.” I was too focused and overanalyzed it because he always teases me so I can’t think simple with him no more. I was focused on one simple word, “yes.” 

Alex: I asked McCorkle if she plans revenge. 

McCorkle: Honestly, I don’t know if I can have revenge on the same level with it going viral. I don’t know if I can ever find an equivalent I won’t give up. I hope to work with him for a long time and I hope to get back to him sooner or later. We’ll find out. 

Alex: I asked Sward if he has more ideas for other pranks. 

Sward: Do I have another pranks? Yes!

McCorkle: He always pranks me! 

Sward: I have to pick on her. I will have a prank and a challenge, too. I’ll post it later. I’ll think of something and post it. 

Alex: Thank you both for your time. You can try this prank on your family or friends this weekend!