El Salvador’s new President Nayib Bukele uses sign language during inauguration speech

El Salvador’s new President Nayib Bukele was inaugurated on Saturday and he used sign language in a part of his speech.

A Deaf man from El Salvador, Carlos Ovidio Osegueda, sent “The Daily Moth” information about this. He said it was the first time in history a president used Salvadorian Sign Language.

[Video clip of Bukele signing at a ceremony. A sign language interpreter is silent in a PIP screen]

An organization based in El Salvador that serves Deaf people, EnSenas, also shared the a of Bukele signing.

[Clip of Bukele signing]

EnSenas told “The Daily Moth” that he basically said that we all need to work together to get a better country and that is a responsibility of all the people: farmers, fishermen, teachers, students, housewives.

There were people who commented that the interpreter in the bottom right screen smiled the whole time President Bukele signed.

Osegueda said that Bukele said he was committed to providing people with disabilities the same opportunities in society as other Salvadorans.

Bukele is 37. His wife’s name is Gabriela. He used to be a mayor of the capital city, San Salvador.

News reports explained that he wants a closer relationship with the U.S. and will work to improve the country, calling it a “sick child.” He said one of his priorities is to stop gang violence and killings.

EnSenas El Salvador: http://bit.ly/2wzgA0e