Dummy Hoy Premiere

Hi, I’m Adrain. I’m here to give a special report for The Daily Moth.

I’m in now in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Know where is Louisville, KY?

This city is a 2 hour, 30 minute drive southwest from Louisville, near the Tennessee state line

We’re here at Alhambra theatre that’s hosting a special event tonight. The movie that people will be watching is about William Ellsworth Hoy. He’s also known as Dummy Hoy. He was a prodigious baseball player who used to play for the Reds between 1888 to

1902. An elite hitter even though he was only 5 foot 4. He could run really fast around the bases. A good hitter, too.

So, could you explain about your role in this film?

I’m the producer of this film plus I’ve researched on Hoy since 1989.

Do you feel that this film fits in with what you’ve researched since 1989?

Yes, yes.

That’s 30 years of research, right?

Indeed, it’s been 30 years.

What made you so fascinated by Hoy?

It’s because people have nominated Hoy to be enshrined in Hall of Fame twice without success. I said I would take the job and they were fine with it.

Hoy was…a former member of the Greater Baseball Deaf Club. I’m also a member

Oh, nice!

So I’ve met with many members, they were old timers, and they shared a lot with me. I found a lot of information and they introduced me to Judson Hoy. He’s the grandson of Dummy Hoy.

This is David Hoy. He’s actually a cousin of Dummy Hoy. Right?

Um, the second cousin.

Oh, second, second!

What are your expectations out of the movie tonight?

What did you think the movie was all about?

Uh, I’m truly inspired and honored…because they’re recognizing the person Dummy Hoy was. He wasn’t just a baseball player, but he believed in being ethical, following the rules and he had strong character. That was who he was as a person.

My father…would be so happy to see all this happen. He really loved Dummy Hoy. While I was growing up, he would tell me stories and I would always be mesmerized by them. I used to play baseball and I envisioned myself becoming like Dummy Hoy.

Jacob, William’s dad, who will be in the movie is actually my great grandfather.

That’s awesome! Thank you for letting me chat with you.

What was your role in this production? As a batter?

I’m a part of the background cast, part of the baseball team, where I play as a shortshop. Also, I play as the batter and runner.


It’s cool seeing how a group of deaf people was able to get involved. Meeting the characters and Dummy Hoy’s team. Also seeing how things used to be in the olden times in the movie.

Yeah, that’s nice.

How do you feel about it, have you seen the movie?

I’ve not seen it and I’m so excited.

Nervous? Good! Should be a good movie!

Yes, I think it’ll be a good one.

I’ll be honest with you.

When I see the movie, I’ll start to tear up because the movie spotlights deaf culture. It allows me to identify with who he is because I love baseball players and I loved playing the game growing up.

To finally see an actual movie about the only deaf professional baseball player.

Now, finally it will happen tonight.

You play the main character. How did you feel about the movie? Is it the first time you’ve seen it?

Yes, it’s my first time.

How do you feel about it?

It’s a huge relief, to be honest. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought there might be parts I wasn’t sure about, but it was actually a really good movie! I really enjoyed it and I cried several times because I’m seeing myself on the big screen for the first time. And in a full-length film too.

Are you actually an actor or did you just happen to participate because you act pretty well?

It seems that you’ve shown that you’re a good actor.

Thanks. I, myself, am an actor. Before this movie, before the Spring Awakening production, I was not an actor then. After joining that production, my Broadway career really took off and I was getting offers. At the time, I was still not comfortable with calling myself an actor. I needed more experience, work, workshops and more training. After awhile, I started to consider myself an actor. My friends helped me learn how to invest in different characters. Being able to become entirely different people.

I cannot thank my friends enough for that.

Thank you and…you’ve done a fabulous job!

Thank you!

Congratulations. We cannot wait to see this wonderful movie production about this extraordinary and historical figure, about him as a person and in the game of baseball.

Thank you David and the team.

I’m here with Dawn who’s one of the people who’s fought and petitioned for this Dummy Hoy movie to happen.

Yes, that’s right.

I’m really inspired by being here and meeting all these people. It’s nice to see when hearing and deaf people come together.

It’s time for hearing people watch and be amazed.

I met Steve, Sandy and David awhile back. I’ve provided a lot of advocacy for them. I’ve noticed how important publicity is, so Steve and I really felt that William needed that recognition. His name should be enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. How could we make this happen? By tirelessly petitioning, traveling and advocating.

Surely enough, we got the plenty of signatures plus I acted as public relations for William “Dummy” Hoy. Then we failed to get him enshrined. I hope that, in the future, this movie will fulfill what is Hoy’s long enduring dream that’s yet to be realized.

So, I want to see him achieve this dream. Fingers crossed.

I just finished watching the movie and I really enjoyed it. It’s very inspiring. It showcases Dummy Hoy’s struggles, his rise and his successes.

A lot of the movie’s dialogue is in sign language.

The movie brings hearing and deaf people together to watch and enjoy.

Remember how I mentioned that there were about 300 people?

They actually sold out all of their 650 seats. That means about 650 people were in attendance

We’ve had a great evening!

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