DPAN launches ASLCaptions service

About a year ago, I got into a partnership with DPAN to provide captions on “The Daily Moth” videos. We’re still working together. 

DPAN just announced that they have started aslcaptions.comto offer this service to other people and organizations. 

Alex: I asked them to explain what it is. 

Christian: ASL Captions provides caption and transcript services. The purpose of these services is to provide accessibility for all who want to enjoy ASL content.

Alex: I asked how does the process work with the transcript and captions? 

Christian: After the client sends us their video, I’ll start working on the transcript. If I struggle or am unsure, I have a team ready to provide me some support. After the transcript is complete, I’ll share it with the client who looks it over. After they approve the transcript and give me the OK, I’ll pass it onto the captioner.

Paul: When Christian is finished with his transcript and passes it onto me, I’ll put the transcript into our captioning program.

Then I’ll clean up the captions and set it up before inputting them into the video.

After I’ve finished captioning, I’ll pass on the caption file to the client. That’s it.

Alex: I asked why did they start this service? 

Sean: When we started in 2006, it’s always been the goal of DPAN to make content accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing communities. What started out as ASL Music Videos before the inception of DPAN.TV; captions, audio, voiceover, transcripts, visual descriptions always has been important to us. We’re excited to announce that this service will be provided to our communities.

Alex: Nice service and technology from a Deaf-run organization in Detroit! 

I can say I’ve benefited greatly from this service and will continue to use DPAN’s aslcaptions service. 

For more information and pricing, go to www.aslcaptions.com.