Delta offering sign language designation bar on employee uniforms

Two weeks ago Delta posted an announcement video that said their employees who know sign language can have a bar added to their uniforms. Delta said they are the first U.S. airline to offer this option.

This is so deaf customers can identify which employees can sign and communicate with them.

The Daily Moth was in touch with a Deaf Delta employee, Ryan Di Giovanni, who is one of the employees featured in the announcement video.

He explained that employees will have to take the SLPI (Sign Language Proficiency Interview) to become certified with Delta’s minimum level, which is 3, before they are allowed to order a bar.

Di Giovanni said he personally knows of at least 50 Deaf, hard of hearing, and CODA Delta employees in addition to other people who can sign.

Delta’s video said the bar applies to ASL and over 300 signed languages around the world.

Delta’s CEO, Ed Bastian, posted the video on his LinkedIn page. He said this would be a powerful change as they seek to make the world a smaller, more inclusive place.

Delta said this concept came from feedback from Delta’s customers, ABLE Disability Business Resource Group for employees, and their Advisory Board on Disability.

The bars are set to roll out this fall.