Deaf Canadian father and son tell jokes in Hershey’s commercial

A Deaf father and son from Ontario, Canada, Chris and Braden Kenopic, were featured in a Hershey Canada commercial that was posted last week and has over a million views. Here it is.

[Video clip of Hershey’s commercial]

Nice commercial! Dad and grandpa jokes. The Daily Moth reached out to them to share more on what happened behind the scenes.

BRADEN: The overall experience has been good. The crew has been amazing. Really, everything we’ve experienced has been great. It’s been a good time.

CHRIS: The crew was really awesome and it’s cool because we’re actually father and son while most of them were random actors. We’re the real thing and they felt we had that great chemistry and communicated well and everything.

CHRIS: The company didn’t want to hire interpreters because of the money. They didn’t want to pay for it. They had an interesting attitude, but though this experience, they were able to understand that, in the future, it’s important to bring in a professional interpreter instead of relying on someone like a volunteer to facilitate the communication between us.

CHRIS: The Hershey commercial, wow, actually had over 1.3 million views. It’s really shocking to me. It’s true. It means that the message we’re sending is really positive and it means companies out there will see that deaf people can act and encourage more of this.

BRADEN: Yes, also with us young people, it’s important to get involved with filming because eventually others might need that talent and that’ll help us succeed in life.

Alex: I asked them if they could finish the grandpa joke.

BRADEN: Really, there’s no ending to the joke, but you can use your imagination.

Alex: Okay, I’ll use my imagination. Here are more remarks from the two.

CHRIS: Thank you.

BRADEN: Ta da!

Alex: Thanks for the choco-LATE!