Deaf Actress Treshelle Edmond has role on “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot”


Treshelle Edmond, a Deaf actress known for her role on “Spring Awakening,” announced she has a role in the “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” film. 

Filming was in New Orleans and wrapped up two weeks ago. 

Edmond said she is a part of the “Girl Gang.” 

The Daily Moth reached out to her. 

Edmond: Hello! My name is Treshelle Edmond. This is my name sign. 

Alex: I asked her what the girl gang was and how she got the role. 

Treshelle Edmond: My character’s name is Sopapilla. We call her Sopy for short. 

What is the girl gang? It shows, it represents a new way of rebooting. It also shows diversity and youth. Also inclusion as well.

How did I get this role? Um, it is very hard to explain, but it was meant to be. For this role, I was a fit. You will see, I can’t spoil that! 

Alex: I asked her what her experience was like on the production set and if she had anything to share. 

Treshelle Edmond: It was awesome. I loved how everyone, including the crew, reminded us why we are doing what we love, as team players. 

I feel that representation is very important. That’s all I’ll say. Thank you for having me! 

Alex: Thank you Treshelle for your time. 

Kevin Smith, who created and stars on the Jay and Silent Bob films, did a YouTube video diary on the production set and did a brief interview with Treshelle. You can view more at the link below in the transcript. 

Congratulations to Treshelle on this role. It is not yet known the date of the film’s release. 

Treshelle had TV roles on House, M.D. and in Glee. She was the Super Bowl XLIX (49) signer. She also had a role on, “Mather.” 

You can follow her on Facebook @TreshelleEdmond